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How do you Alleviate Common Product Marketing and Sales Messaging Challenges?

There sometimes exist several overlaps and common challenges between product, sales and marketing teams. This can be an obstacle to overall productivity and business growth.

One of the biggest friction areas in B2B exists in streamlining messaging and product positioning needs, keeping in mind that different teams require different messaging tactics in place to help meet varied team goals and business purposes.

Let’s explore a few of the most common challenges along with some best practices:

Ensuring Consistent Messaging Across all Sales and Marketing Channels, and Teams!

Content strategists or senior marketing leaders spend hours to meticulously come up with the right messaging and product positioning tactics. It is not always a cakewalk to craft the most appropriate, eye catching and unique messaging that portrays a product’s key features while ensuring conversions. This is one part of the challenge or story.

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The other lies in being able to hone in on consistent messaging tactics so that a brand has uniformity in messaging across teams and online channels. In order to ensure that growing companies have a steady process in place, to ensure upkeep of marketing and sales messaging, it is crucial for senior leaders to regularly enforce the constant updating of company slide decks and official collaterals based on current business trends and customer behavior.

Global teams with distributed staff use central systems to upload new assets or update existing ones, or to add editable text spots so the rest of the team can customize or optimize documents with consistency as per specific needs and sales conversations.

Keeping a strong framework in place helps ensure that teams, regardless of strength have the right assets with which to back their business conversations while ensuring product and brand consistency.

Refining Assets and Content that Already Resonates with the Audience

Most marketing, sales and product management teams will have an array of collaterals, one-pagers, email templates, PDFs and slide decks to use for every sales pitch or marketing outreach. Then there’s also the library of resources that modern day teams insist on building – interactive webinars, podcasts, blogs…

The right content management tools and sales CRM systems can actually point towards which of these is resonating with different audience sets, this in turn can help sales and marketing leaders to refine what they already know works well with the audience.

CRMs and automation platforms can also help sales and marketing leaders track the actual engagement activity for specific cadences and emails while also assessing what style of messaging and outreach captures maximum attention. Further A/B testing of different headlines and blurbs can help teams further strengthen their core messaging tactics.

Constant Flow of New Marketing and Sales Assets and Information Between Teams

A common challenge that teams who are globally spread out and working in different zones face is restricted flow of information, or not being updated with new company / product information on time.

Product marketing teams are usually tasked with the goal of defining positioning of new product launches and product features, however, this information also needs to be updated with other customer-facing teams.

Centralized content management systems and even CRMs can be used to store and update this information and to alert other team members when anything has been updated or launched. This helps take care of proper flow of information across team geographies.

Pro-active sales and marketing leaders may additionally have sales and marketing training modules held regularly to update the team.

Strong sales messaging and product marketing processes can help ensure that B2B and tech teams portray themselves as one unit in front of their global customers and prospects and this is integral to the overall brand of the company.

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