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B2B Brands That Have Built Successful Omnichannel Sales Experiences

Businesses must act quickly when it comes to digital transformation…

Self-service hubs, eCommerce websites, and omnichannel techniques have all been used by many firms during this need for digital disruption. Businesses today have been obliged to focus on offering individualized experiences through a well-prepared omnichannel approach. This strategy can be game-changing for every kind of service in the market.

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What is Omnichannel Sales? 

When a business sells to and supports prospects and customers across various channels, each contact or touchpoint such as social media, SMS, and chatbots is treated as part of a seamless, frictionless whole. Customers may start their encounter with your business on one channel and smoothly move to another with an omnichannel strategy.

You will need to match your marketing, sales, and customer service initiatives to get there.

You can reach out to the modern customer in a contextually appropriate way at every point in their journey, regardless of whatever channel they use to access it. This has a favourable influence on customer interactions and increases consumer engagement.

Benefits of Omnichannel Sales 

  • Customer Choice – With an omnichannel strategy, customers get more choices. Customers today, with the market competition, demand a smooth interaction with your business. Providing many connected channels helps people communicate with you in whichever way is most convenient for them while remaining relevant.
  • Retention of Customers & Revenue – Shoppers who contact companies over three or more channels have a purchase frequency rate that is 200% greater than single-channel consumers. According to various online studies, customers who utilized multiple channels spent an average of 3% more in physical stores and 15% more online. 
  • Collection Of Data – Collection of data is critical for improving the customer experience. Omnichannel sales experience delivers a great deal of information. This information may be utilized to better understand your consumers and provide useful insights into where they have problems, helping you enhance your service.
  • Wide Audience – Another benefit of the omnichannel sales strategy is that it lets you connect to a wider audience for your business. Some customers may prefer certain means of connecting with a brand. The more channels you have available, the more prospective clients you attract. If you want to develop an omnichannel sales seamless experience, you must first understand your customer journey, where buyers start, and all the touchpoints that lead to purchase and beyond. When you map out the customer journey for an omnichannel strategy, you can see the gaps and challenges.

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Brands That Have Mastered Omnichannel Sales 

  • Ikea – Ikea is one of the greatest brands in omnichannel sales channel experience. Ikea offers a user-friendly app UI that functions as a fun eCommerce mobile platform. However, they also include virtual reality technology to allow customers to picture furniture in their own homes without ever visiting an Ikea shop. In-store customer experiences are just as meticulously planned. Customers can get lost in their various staged showrooms, but by using the app to add products, they know what they have bought and where they can pick up these items from in the store. 
  • Disney – Disney has mastered omnichannel sales experiences. Disney’s location guests may enjoy a seamless customer experience between their online vacation planning, phone assistance and planning, and in-person vacation experience using the Disney Experience tool, which is available for computers and mobile phones. Disney’s magic bands are bracelets that connect each passenger to specified My Disney Experience options to extend the omnichannel experience. Guests staying on-site won’t have to worry about lugging their shopping bags around since Disney will transport their products to your accommodation for free. Disney’s approach to multichannel sales is unrivalled since it seamlessly connects online and offline sales channels.
  • Nike – Nike is another company doing great work for its omnichannel sales experience. Nike is a retail industry leader by integrating its app environment seamlessly with the shop technology environment, rewarding loyalty through its mobile apps to members on both platforms. When customers aren’t in the shop, the omnichannel customer experience is just as smooth. Even when customers are not near a Nike Store, the Nike app tailors the experience by suggesting products based on my interests and unlocking experiences tied to the geolocation and preferences. Nike is one of the best companies doing omnichannel sales strategies.

 In a saturated market, omnichannel marketing and sales strategies help you stay relevant and competitive. Since there is so much rivalry, you must find efficient and effective ways to remain ahead of the game and connect with your customers constantly in a non disruptive way. 

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