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10 Innovative AI-powered Sales Tools and Technologies

Sales is critical to every organization and over the past decade, this area has witnessed a lot of positive transformations. Ssales software has evolved and we can now see the rise of innovative AI based software that unlocks better sales insights to eventually add more value to both, users and customers. Artificial intelligence coupled with SalesTech make every sales team smarter.

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Incorporating AI to your salestech stack is not just a matter of choice, it is more a matter of standing against the cut throat competition. Surprisingly, the B2B and the B2C markets have both been disrupted by AI powered Sales Tools. Let us have a look at some of the best AI powered sales tools.

  1. Clari

Clari is an innovative revenue operations platform already being used by hundreds of businesses to streamline and quicken their sales processes. Clari is a go-to tool used by top B2B companies such as Lenovo, Adobe, Okta Dropbox and many other leading tech companies. This is one good SalesTech tool that helps companies shorten theirsales cycle, increase win rates and improve the sales prediction process, by leveraging the benefits of both AI and automation.

  1. Nudge

Do we even need to tell you that your business is mostly based on the relations you create? You know that already, right? Nudge is designed on the same lines as networking fundamentals. It helps you dig out your old contacts and helps establish a connection between your contacts and the business. You can retrieve accurate actionable data along with appropriate prompts and guidance while reach out to your targets.

  1. Troops

While you use Troops, you will never feel that you are using a high-end AI powered software, and this was the main aim behind creating this AI powered sales tool. Troops establishes a seamless connection between the technology and its humans so much so that managing a SalesTech tool becomes a cakewalk. You can improve collaboration, CRM data quality and enhance overall sales visibility across the team with the help of Troops.

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  1. Conversica

As the name suggests, this SalesTech tool helps you kickstart a sales conversation with your target leads in such a way that you get closer to securing a deal. Conversica can be considered an automatic sales assistant, which helps you boost your customer service. Headquartered in California, the company is ranked #6 in the list of Fast Company’s most innovative AI companies.

  1. Veloxy Mobile

If you are looking for a SalesTech tool that never lets you forget any important event, Veloxy Mobile is a good choice. Not only events, the tool will also keep reminding you about important meetings scheduled with prospects. In short, with Veloxy Mobile, you never miss anything that is important for anything related to sales!

  1. Tact

An amazing AI sales assistant is one that will not only read a mountain of data from the CRM, but will also take up commands and questions to offer a quick insight on the best ways to go ahead. The best thing about this tool is that it works as a chatbot or with voice assistants like Alexa and Cortana.

  1. Olono

If you can make Olono your best friend, it can be your sales partner and a real time sales guide. The AI powered tool is already into the process of helping line managers train their sales reps resulting in increased win rates. It uses machine learning and NLP to provide accurate customer information.

  1. Verse

Working in an innovative mix of tech and human touch, is a SaaS platform that responds, follows up and qualified leads. It works 24 hours, 365 days for the top sales team in the world and helps them in their lead nurturing process. The acute problem of lead response and follow up is solved with this SalesTech tool – these are functions every lean team in sales usually faces after all!

  1. Zoovu

Voice search is on high demand these days. People love to practice it and when it comes to the sales arena an AI driven conversational platform does work wonders. Zoovu is based on a similar technology. Each experience of your customer is turned conversational leading to a satisfactory shopping experience for the consumer. Companies like Amazon, Whirlpool and Coty are using Zoovu to have fruitful sales conversations.

  1. AI

Big data is everywhere, but the companies who succeed are those who know to pick up the right data and turn it into actionable insights. With AI it is possible for even those without actual expertise. People.AI is a tool that retrieves actionable data aimed at strengthening your sales funnel and closing deals at a faster rate.

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Artificial Intelligence is one of the defining emerging technologies in the industry, since a decade now. These AI assistants use machine learning and natural language processing to ease out and optimize the tasks of sales reps. From predictive analytics to automating the entire sales function, these AI powered tools are proving their mettle  in most technology sales teams worldwide.

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