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Viperatech Begins First Phase Development of Cutting Edge Retail Store in Dubai’s Thriving Tech Sector

Exciting new retail store showcasing the best in tech


Viperatech begins first phase development of cutting edge retail store in Dubai’s thriving tech sector.

Forward progression and evolution of business is standard practice for successful businesses looking to gain a larger footing in the commerce industry, however, with over 50% of businesses closing their doors within the first two years of operation, not all new companies get to spread their wings and soar into the halls of fame alongside the commerce giants that inspired them. It is an unfortunate scenario for many businesses, often individuals are unable to determine the level of hard work that is necessary to make a business thrive and most end up putting resources and energy in the wrong places.

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Viperatech, an e-commerce giant in the high-end technology industry is a shining example of how to succeed in a challenging environment. After opening their digital doors to the public in 2016, the team behind Viperatech have been meticulously designing a plethora of unique elements that allow them to stand above the rest. These elements include but are not limited to; trusted relationships with clients and customers, custom-built products to aid the cryptocurrency industry, a customer experience-driven focus, innovative never-before-seen digital signage solutions and next-generation technology.

It is because of these decisions that the team were able to announce an exciting new venture for 2022, the opening of a brand new, cutting edge retail store in the United Arab Emirate’s thriving city, Dubai. Moving towards a physical store is an important decision for an eCommerce business as it helps to build trust and confidence from the public and gives customers a tactile shopping experience. Vipera is a purveyor of exceedingly beautiful digital signage displays and having a real-world, in-person store to showcase the dramatic difference from unique display solutions is often necessary because it is difficult to imagine what innovations new technology can provide. For example, if you have never seen holographic images in real life it is hard to imagine just how immersive this new tech can be, additionally, transparent OLED displays and curvable LED film is truly something out of a sci-fi movie and to see these diverse options used to their optimum standards is always an exciting moment.

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Vipera plans on showcasing a diverse range of flagship products in the new store and customers can expect to be able to purchase products from the crypto mining hardware industry to groundbreaking display solutions all the way to innovative smart health products. Items like the Viperatron Vaxipass, a dynamic thermometer and vaccine certificate authenticator will not only be on display but will be in full use to allow clients to see first-hand the real-world possibilities of this new tech. An entire array of expertly chosen ASIC miners and GPU miners will be available alongside custom-design GPU rigs, handcrafted to provide a perfect investment opportunity.

Viperatech is poised to have exponential growth in 2022, with a partnership alongside Daelim Belefict recently announced alongside news of multiple additional crypto mining farms being added to an already impressive portfolio, and a long list of exclusive sales opportunities Vipera has been able to provide to clients around the world.

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