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The Sales Book of the Year: CTB Revolutionizes the Sales Industry

Beginning a career in the sales industry is a challenge on its own. There are so many techniques and “try this, and you’ll succeed” messaging. As a result, salespeople often become discouraged in a constant cycle of “what’s next?”. For this reason, Edward Henry, author and sales professional, announced the official release of his book, CTB: Cut the Bullsh*t – Stop CONvincing; Start Selling, that will put an end to that constant cycle.

Edward includes essential advice and knowledge that salespeople need to grow and succeed along with stories and insight on various events in his life. CTB discusses the common mistakes salespeople make and introduces the direct selling approach needed today to increase sales and individual growth. His writing is informative and relatable, as he shares his failures, and success throughout his journey as a sales professional. Edward’s solution of selling honest while finding your passion and becoming extraordinary is just the beginning of everything he has to offer.

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You are either CONvincing or you are selling. It is more profitable to do the work and get the business, than making promises on conditions.”

— Edward Henry

Edward began building his experience in person-to-person entry level sales positions. After taking on many sales roles, he realized he wasn’t achieving anything extraordinary. In 2009, Edward Henry Company was launched. Edward and his team spent over eight years developing and improving sales processes and methodologies to benefit salespeople across North America. Although this was the beginning of something exciting for Edward’s career, the process was not without its challenges.

While building his consulting firm across Canada and the United States, his father passed away. Edward realized that while growing his business, he lost sight of what was really important. He found that he had missed many important moments and wished he could have them back. Feeling like he was trapped and comfortable in mediocrity, Edward’s health, relationships, and career suffered. He gained over 50 pounds and settled into lethargy.

Edward brings readers through a transformation that started a new chapter in his life. He attributes this transformation to key individuals in his life who helped him over his “roadblock” and he connects his sales knowledge and experiences that guided him to success.

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The Transformation that Began a New Chapter

Edward brings readers along with him on his journey based on monetary motives, negative turns, and the journey back to the road of success. Edward realized that he had to make some difficult changes to become the person he was meant to be. A new relationship ended Edward’s downward spiral as the “most spectacular woman who saw me for me,” came into his life. Joy is the person that helped him not only recover from his loss but motivated him as he rediscovered his purpose and passion.

Edward may not have seen potential in himself, but Joy was there to inspire him. “She cut through my bullsh*t. I started to care about parts of my life that I never thought about before”. Edward started using what he learned through his relationship with Joy in seminars, presentations, and as an established sales leader.

Joy helped him realize that he needed honesty. Honesty was the key to personal development and sales results. Whether you are learning about sales in school, starting your career or are a professional looking for techniques that work, it all goes back to simple, honest selling. With honesty in mind, Edward thought back to a person he had in his life, which inspired the idea of sell honest.

Simplicity is Honesty – Learn, Grow, Lead, and Live Honestly

In his book, Edward explains how his grandfather truly impacted his personal and professional life. This man lived with complete honesty and authenticity and was the epitome of a leader and one could learn many things by following his example. Unfortunately, just like Edward, many do not realize that there is something to be learned from an individual until later in their journey. Edward helps his readers know that it is normal to learn and grow, no matter where you are in your life.

In CTB, he discusses how he told the story of his grandfather to his staff. “As I shared this story with my staff, I had this moment where I got up from the boardroom table, looked out the window, choked up thinking about him, and then suddenly it hit me. We have always been selling wrong.”

The Five Rules, Five Steps – The Innovation behind Selling

The development of the Sell Honest Program started immediately after the formation of Five Rules and Five Steps. This was the most direct approach to successful selling through controlling engagement. If Edward had not taken a moment to reflect on his grandfather’s character, the program that has changed the sales industry would never have been created. Simply by being who he was, Edward’s grandfather left behind all of the pieces to a puzzle that was meant to be solved with patience and determination.

Cut the Bullsh*t, Sell Honest, and Be Extraordinary

Success can come with challenges, life-altering events, relationships, or a combination of moments and experiences. The sales industry involves constant change and daily adjustments. CTB will leave readers with the knowledge that they need to grow as sales professionals and will help them make the changes to their lives to create success.

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