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Sales-Marketing Alignment Made Easy With Zoho One, Its Updation

Various surveys point out that most companies, especially the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) firms have brought Marketing-Sales alignment among the top priority in their businesses. Zoho One has been helping in the integration of teams across all departments and breaks the silos within organizations. Among the issues it addresses are the Sales-Business miss alignments.

The newest updation has beefed up the cross-platform integration capabilities, a factor that also helps in alignment process. For instance, with Zoho’s latest updation, the PhoneBridge platform connects over 50 call center solutions and PBX vendors such as Jive, Ring central and Aircall to Zoho bandwagon.

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Customization to Help Manage Workflow

Zoho One allows the users the freedom to connect key applications and also create their own applications. Depending on organizational structure one can seamlessly link Sales and Marketing with the programme. Zoho One functions as an Operating System of sorts and replaces companies’ patchwork of cloud applications, legacy tools, and paper-based processes.

For instance, New business workflow management application, Orchestly, lets customers effortlessly create, manage, and optimize their business processes through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

One Dashboard, Lot of Tools

To start with, Zoho dashboards come with a host of applications. The administrator or a group of administrators within the organization can choose what application to be provided to each team including Marketing and Sales. These can be interlinked based on need. Applications like Contact manager helps the marketing team and applications like Campaigns, Sales Iq and Sales Inbox.  Further the Sales-Marketing team can completely align their decisions and pricing over a virtual table.

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Multiple Communication Avenues

Teams can share files through internal platforms like Workdrive and communicate through Zoho mail and chatting app Cliq among others. The entire process can be viewed by C-Suite or Senior Managers who can act as administrators. They can find bottlenecks within the organization due to the transparency in the system.

Also, companies can measure the effectiveness of a Marketing campaign by visualizing data such as leads received and deals close. Finally, integrated analytics platforms can gauge the target audiences’ interests and help company strategize the way forward. 

According to the client reviews, Zoho One’s integration capabilities help them to deal with a wider range of customers. A flat fee to access a wider range of application is what puts Zoho in the list of top players in the segment.

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