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Omniconvert Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

Omniconvert marks a decade of boosting eComm & Retailer growth with data-driven software & services

When the company began in 2013, Omniconvert offered a CRO tool to help eComm & Retail businesses understand and convert website traffic into paying customers.

Since then, Omniconvert has blossomed into the successful company that it is today, providing software solutions for CRO and CVO, personalized services, and the CVO Academy – a learning platform offering a full-depth course on Customer Value Optimization.

Empowering Retailers & eComm Businesses to Drive Meaningful Change since 2013

Omniconvert uses a unique combination of Software, Services, and Know-how, all CVO-centric, to drive meaningful change for eComm & Retail companies.

Nowadays, Omniconvert delivers the full package to help data-driven marketers around the world to convert, acquire, research, segment, and retain more customers.

10 years of progress and achievement.

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“After a decade of masterful mistakes and honest attempts, we can surely say that we know who we are, who we help, and what problems we solve.”

— Valentin Radu, CEO & Founder of Omniconvert

Over the years, Omniconvert has been recognized as a High Performant company by G2Crowd, and achieved such accomplishments as:

Running +51,000 experiments with Explore – Omniconvert’s CRO Tool – with a high impact on conversion rates
Being trusted by +23,430 websites to improve the conversion rates
Reveal – the CVO Software – is currently installed by +1,750 shops
Getting an almost perfect 5/5 on the Shopify app marketplace
Pioneering a new movement in the eCommerce industry: the Customer Value Optimization methodology
Launching The CVO Academy is a 20+ hours course on Customer Value Optimization taught by worldwide experts such as Bob Moesta, Karl Gilis, Val Geisler, etc.

Forging Ahead in the words of Valentin Radu, CEO & Founder of Omniconvert

“Looking back, after 10 years since Omniconvert was born, I realize how crucial the numbers are and how much value they truly have:

10 million euros, hundreds of customers, and thousands of companies that tested our products and services.
Hundreds of millions of web pages and millions of online transactions are influenced by our team.

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In retrospect, these numbers seem to have lost their significance.

Words are what genuinely matters today.

The words of our customers, who honor us.
The words of former colleagues, who appreciate us.
The words of the partners who support us.
The words of our loved ones, who love us.

And, of course, the words of my colleagues.

Everything started from my synapses that seemed to form a dream. A dream that was too beautiful to be true without my colleagues.

Their words represent the concrete poured into this daring construction site: Let’s put Romania on the map of retail technologies.

Did we succeed?
Somewhat yes.

After a decade of masterful mistakes and honest attempts, we can surely say that we know who we are, who we help, and what problems we solve.

We have structure, maturity, and an amazing team.

The vision for the next 10 years is to create the category for Customer Value Optimization in retail and eCommerce.

The problem we address is increasingly acutely felt in the market: companies want to see profits after years of growth at any cost. And increasing conversions and Customer Lifetime Value is the safest and surest road to profit.

To that end, Omniconvert has become a global center of excellence in CVO: we’re already offering an online academy with international teachers and practitioners, continuous training for agencies that need to differentiate themselves, and solid software already adopted by retailers such as Max Mara, Decathlon, Auchan, Orange, or Leroy Merlin.

Healthy growth ensues, and our beautiful story moves on to the next level!”

Valentin Radu, CEO & Founder of Omniconvert.

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