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New Tiled Plugin for Adobe XD Turns Designs into Interactive Experiences Without Coding; Adobe Fund for Design Makes Investment in Tiled

Tiled Inc., a microapp platform for interactive sales and marketing communications, announced the availability of its Adobe XD plugin, empowering users to easily turn static content into interactive visuals or microapps. The plugin integrates Tiled’s industry-leading dynamic, coding-free builder with Adobe XD, automatically syncing projects for designers.

“Tiled for XD is a complete solution for bringing interactive designs to life and delivering them into the hands of those consuming the content. For the first time really, designers are in the driver’s seat when it comes to the entire creation and delivery process of interactive content. From design to delivery to iteration,” Darrell Swain, Tiled CEO said.

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With the Tiled plugin, Adobe XD designs are transformed into microapps that create brand experiences. Users can design and link pages in Adobe XD, then sync their work to Tiled to add rich media and publish and deliver their microapps. Tiled features include a flexible microapp builder (no coding required), in-depth analytics for understanding content consumption, real-time updates, security and easy access between teams. The custom microapps can be shared across all devices and platforms, via text, links, embedded forms and more.

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Tiled users have built interactive sales decks, training guides, presentations, event agendas, business cards, proposals, marketing materials and many other forms of interactive assets. Tiled’s insights show content interactions, highlighting important user engagements and providing valuable feedback.

The microapp platform’s customers include HubSpot, Vivint Solar, Adobe, and Instructure. Adobe utilizes microapp playbooks to train their team.

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