InetSoft is rated as “Strong” in TEC’s novel Insight Report on BI & Analytics. TEC’s unique approach to rating business intelligence vendors combines user ratings and detailed reviews of product features and capabilities.

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Senior business software analysts at TEC collected and combined these two data stacks—software functionalities and software customer experience—with their years of expertise to arrive at a uniquely holistic and data-driven interpretation of the market. They then produced two complementary outputs, the TEC Insight Report and the TEC Insight Graph. Together, these publications arm decision makers with accurate data and incisive context to better inform their software selection decisions.

The TEC Insight Graph depicts all the major solutions in a software category in relation to each other. They position each solution along two main axes—Functionality and User Experience—and within one of four dynamic states: Reliable, Competitive, Strong, or Dominant. The position of each solution in each state gives an at-a-glance view of the product’s level of competitiveness along the continuum of software functionality and user experience.

“The market for business intelligence solutions is cluttered,” expresses Mark Flaherty, CMO at InetSoft. “We are very pleased to receive such a high rating that combines our happy customers’ feedback and the expert understanding of the breadth and depth of our platform by TEC analysts.”

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