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How Can a New Outlook Clipboard Improve Microsoft Suggested Reply AI?

Microsoft’s AI software suggests replies to email. Better Faster Clipboard for Outlook improves upon this with better replies.

In April this year, Microsoft Outlook introduced Suggested Reply for emails using Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, what if the AI suggestion isn’t what the customer wants? What’s the alternative? The answer is Better Faster’s Clipboard for Outlook. Better Faster Solutions, a registered Microsoft® software partner, today released Clipboard for Outlook, a Microsoft Outlook® add-in. It allows customers to craft better email responses and reply with the click of a button. Better Faster Clipboard offers more than just email replies. It may save three weeks or more each year on routine Outlook tasks, according to Better Faster Solutions customer research.

Features & Benefits of Clipboard for Outlook:

Faster Responses

Save time answering repetitive questions. Reply to emails with canned responses. Create, edit, organize and access frequently used email messages, responses, attachments and meeting information all in one place.

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Faster Emails

Send pre-written formatted emails with a single click. Clipboard is an Outlook plug-in, so existing email capabilities are available, plus all the new time-saving features of Clipboard.

Faster Newsletters

Get started today with built-in newsletter templates. Sample Outlook email templates include business letters, customer care, employee recruiting, newsletters, service status notifications and thank you letters.

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Faster Meeting Invites

Schedule appointments faster on Outlook calendar. Auto-fill meeting invites with conference details, meeting location and conference bridge dial-in instructions.

Faster Attachments

Attach files that are used the most without searching for them. Clipboard for Outlook is a better way to manage attachments, emails and images.

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Faster Images

Insert images in emails, meetings, contacts and tasks. Clipart included.

Customer Validation

“I installed the Clipboard for Outlook Add-In and was using it within minutes. It’s so nice having formatted emails and attachments at a click of a button when prospecting and following up on new sales. I can easily send checklists or instructions to our clients creating a better enrollment experience and reduce our time responding to frequently asked questions. The ease of use is great!” – Michael Staebler, Partner, S3 Partners LLC

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