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Digital Experiences Retailers Should Facilitate in 2022 and Beyond

The high-priority digital experience wishlist that consumers expect online retailers to facilitate.

Ziffity, the eCommerce and Cloud agency in the US and an Adobe Silver Solution partner, is now hyper-focused on delivering a customer experience through its expertise in platforms, technologies, and tools.

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As a technology service provider for the eCommerce industry for the past 7+ years, Ziffity has helped brands across the USA, UK, and Europe in their digital transformation journey.

eCommerce was an option a couple of decades back but not anymore. Most retailers in the fastly-growing eCommerce markets have joined the eCommerce bandwagon. Most of the hesitant retailers have switched over to online selling due to the rise in digital buying accelerated by the pandemic. eCommerce is now the baseline or the mandatory gateway for retailers to reach out to customers.

While questioned about the emphasis on customer experience, Vinod Kankaria, CEO of Ziffity, said, “Building an eCommerce store was the foundation till recent past years. We have helped brands across several industries realize their eCommerce dream.

Now that many brands are already into eCommerce differentiating from the pack depends on the customer experience they facilitate. Hence, we’ve started focusing more on enabling brands to weave engaging customer experiences. It’s the next level up the ladder in the eCommerce landscape. It’s both a competitive advantage and essential for customer retention.”

Customer experience now is not just an appealing design with an easy-to-use interface. The digital experience has unfolded into several subdomains like search, website speed, fulfillment options, faster checkout, multiple payment options, and more.

“Our priority is to equip merchants with experiences which a majority of shoppers have become accustomed to in the recent past,” said Vinod and listed the following.

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Following the same-day delivery, customers have become used to other fulfillment experiences like BOPIs (buy-online-pickup-in-store) and curbside pickup.

Apart from loading faster, a store’s checkout will now have to feature experiences like single-click checkout for registered users by auto-populating their shipping, payment, and other information.

Adding to digital wallets and mobile payment gateways that provide surplus options for customers to pay, checking out using cryptocurrencies and options like Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) can increase sales by encouraging customers not to hesitate to buy.

On-site search is one of the essential experiences that brands need to perfect in order to guide potential customers to the products they are looking for. Faster search results features like auto-correct auto-suggest have become common customer expectations. Providing personalized suggestions through AI-powered product recommendation engines is also a need of the hour, as most consumers expect their brands to know them well.

Slow site speed is never a good sign for online shoppers. To stop losing conversions and make the most out of the hard-earned traffic, eCommerce retailers should load their website under the Google Benchmark Speed of under 3 seconds in both web and mobile.

When asked if he had anything to add, Vinod said, “Well, that’s not all. There’s always more when it comes to customer experience, but for now, we are focusing on consumers’ high-priority digital experience wishlist.”

Why choose Ziffity to enhance your customer experience?

Ziffity is an eCommerce and Cloud agency that has provided Magento Development services for more than 8 years in the U.S. and U.K. markets. Over the years, the technology service provider has built experience-led eCommerce stores for B2C brands across several industries like health and beauty, fashion, automobile, electricals, etc.

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