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Cleo Enhances Procurement Automation Solution to Accelerate Supply Chain Digitalization

New capability tailored for enterprise manufacturers with non-EDI vendor ecosystems available now

Cleo, the pioneer and global leader of the world’s Ecosystem Integration software category and provider of the Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) platform, today announced it has significantly enhanced its Procure-to-Pay business process automation solution by expanding integration capabilities for manufacturers whose ecosystem suppliers lack EDI capability.

The new solution, called CIC PAVE (for Procurement Automation and Vendor Enablement), is a strategic add-on to the company’s extensively deployed B2B integration platform which is already in use at more than 4,100 companies worldwide. In a nutshell, the new capability standardizes and centralizes supplier interactions via an online portal, helping manufacturers extend their supply chain digitalization efforts to suppliers and vendors who are not EDI-capable nor API-ready, particularly small to medium-sized businesses.

According to Wakefield Research, some 84 percent (84%) of SMBs rely on manual processes, which means they generally lack the ability to support EDI/API integrations – a basic requirement for pretty much any company expecting to transact business in today’s digital world. This widespread deficiency causes fragmented supply chains, error-prone and inconsistent communication between companies and their suppliers, and increases potential points of failure due to manual interactions. Beyond that, it costs manufacturers and their ecosystem partners revenue losses and decreased profitability.

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“Any manufacturer still relying on manual processes like phone, fax or email to manage orders, acknowledgements, shipments or invoicing with its suppliers is putting its business at risk,” Cleo CEO Mahesh Rajasekharan said. “CIC PAVE immediately opens these antiquated supply chains to the digital world by automatically enabling EDI with virtually any ecosystem partner, creating the exact kind of seamless, digital integrations manufacturers need to remain competitive in today’s era of rapid digital transformation.”

Given the need for increased supply chain visibility and control, not to mention improved operational efficiencies by eliminating manual tasks, Cleo has brought full procurement automation and vendor enablement to Cleo Integration Cloud by:

  • Eliminating manual interactions with a manufacturer’s ecosystem of suppliers.
  • Producing standardized EDI transactions that enable automated integration into ERPs.
  • Empowering suppliers to get “EDI-capable” without actually needing EDI expertise or investments.

Why is this significant?

The solution automates the procure-to-pay business process and introduces massive efficiency gains for manufacturing companies. By accelerating digitalization of their supply chain integration processes, CIC PAVE eliminates manual document exchange and optimizes order management by digitally enabling an organization’s supplier ecosystem. Eliminating these manual tasks results in improved staff efficiency and reduced costs of procurement.

“Cleo is leading the way when it comes to B2B integration innovation,” Rajasekharan emphasized. “With CIC PAVE we are advancing the modernization efforts of manufacturers by facilitating frictionless interactions with their non-EDI suppliers and vendors. Prioritizing automation is now more important than ever, and Cleo is making it easier than it’s ever been before.”

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