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CallRail & SalesX recognized as Finalist for Best-In-Class Call Analytics and Digital Advertising ROI

Digital marketing agency SalesX and its partner CallRail, the world’s most popular call tracking and analytics provider were named finalist for the Digiday Technology Awards in Best Marketing Analytics/Attribution Platform Category.

“We wish to congratulate CallRail for being recognized as an outstanding company in analytics tools that measure a key part of the marketing funnel,” said Joe Khoei, Founder and CEO of SalesX. “It is an honor to collaborate with the seasoned CallRail experts whose in-depth experience in results-based marketing and their robust platform allows our agency to deliver and exceed client advertising needs for delivering business value. Providing higher quality leads and insights into what’s resonating with customers strengthens our BVAT™ Business Value of Advertising Technology™ driven campaigns.”

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“CallRail is dedicated to helping more than 100,000 businesses of all sizes optimize campaign performance and helping agencies prove their value and ROI,” said Andy Powell, CEO and co-founder of CallRail. “Our team values our partnership with SalesX and wants to continue providing results that support SalesX in achieving high growth for their clients and demonstrating value to executives.”

CallRail’s data-driven technology for example, helped SalesX reduce a client’s cost per lead by 90 percent. Prior to working with SalesX, the client’s cost per click was about $7, and their cost per lead was around $700. Within a year of working with SalesX data scientists and CallRail’s advanced call tracking technology, the SalesX client’s cost per click increased to approximately $25, and their cost per lead went down to $60, with a conversion rate of about 35 percent. This is one of several examples where the partnership between SalesX and CallRail resulted in increased visibility and optimization to laser focus on the most profitable search terms which are the best and highest converting matches for their client’s businesses.

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