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Bringing In-Store Shopping to the 21st Century

CarryBags centralises the service of delivering shopping from Store to Door, making in-store shopping just as comfortable as the online alternative.

An innovative retail app to reinvent the traditional In-Store Shopping experience to the 21st Century will now be available for shoppers by Christmas 2022.

CarryBags, is a retail Tech Startup endorsed and supported by Coventry University, United Kingdom. CarryBags unifies In-store shoppers, High Street retailers & Logistic operators into the unique mobile application which will deliver customer purchases to desired destination which could be home, office or friend’s place.

The digital retail solution created in 2019 by young International Entrepreneurs Yash Vegad & Hirali Soni who are under 30’s with a single and only aim to create the in-store shopping experience as seamless and stress-free as online shopping for everyone including permanent or temporary physical abilities. Since Hirali was diagnosed with a serious bulge disc problem which required surgery during their student life in the UK, where they couldn’t find an affordable alternative for the problem of carrying our own bags.

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From our research it is found that standing in a queue for trial rooms and on till is hard to hold and manage those bags especially when you are with a child. Let’s not forget how unsafe it is to roam around with those bags being scared & worried to get attacked by robbers. The constant increase in the carbon footprint across the globe has been also considered and that is why CarryBags is taking its little part to support the government in reducing carbon footprint by encouraging shoppers to often use public transport and walk.

With Carrybags we are on a mission to support the Brick n Mortar Businesses which are a core part of the UK Economy including employment and tourist attraction especially after the extreme COVID-19 crises which affected this industry the most. Our research proves that retailers who sign up for CarryBags service at their store, will help boost their sales by 120%. More than 200 retailers are now on board with CarryBags in the UK, and we are proceeding this further for the fashion retailers in the United States. Shopping districts like The Grove, Westfield Century City, Santa Cruz Shopping, State Street and many more will get the most perks from CarryBags service.

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In-store shopping experience is one of the most important parts of our routine life which helps us in improving our mental health. Thus, it is important for us as a Company to make sure we retain that experience by innovating it with CarryBags. Next time you are heading to a high-street shopping, just download the CarryBags App, enter your basic details and you are good to go. Everything you shop can be delivered to your desired destination. You can also use CarryBags service to gift products to your loved ones.

Your purchases are safe and secure between the whole process until it is delivered to you. Regular updates can be tracked easily from your CarryBags App. Now you can enjoy the rest of your day without worrying about handling or managing your shopping bags.

We are excited for the launch in the United States and cannot wait to see your love for shopping and using CarryBags to deliver the love to your doorstep.

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