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Branded Research Inc. Has Added New Online Paid Surveys to Their Online Platform

Branded Research Inc. is one of the world’s leading market research communities. Branded Research works with companies to create Branded Surveys for their community of survey takers. The information collected from surveys helps companies collect market research and launch new products. Branded Surveys matches companies with online users who take surveys for money. Companies gain market insight while Branded members enjoy an incredible and rewarding paid online survey experience.

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Before a brand launches a new product or service, they need to conduct a lot of research within their potential market. The data helps them determine what will and will not be successful. Branded Surveys’ paid surveys provide companies with deep market insight, such as: Is the blue updated logo as eye-catching as the original green one? Do people enjoy watching ads featuring cats, or do the majority prefer dogs? While these may seem like juvenile questions, this market research is quite valuable to businesses.

Branded Surveys provides several of these surveys for cash on their online survey dashboard. Every survey gives a different amount of cash. These are given through points in an online users account. Every survey is rewarded points and the size of the survey determines the number of points that are earned by the survey-taker. Once a user has completed the survey, it will go to Branded’s market research clients for approval before the users are rewarded with cash or gift cards.

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Once approved the user will be given points and can earn gift cards, cash, or online money via PayPal. If a user wants to withdraw money, they must redeem their points and the withdrawal will be approved, which takes approximately two business days. Then, the cash is available for a gift card or money via the payment system. After making their choice, a user will end up receiving their payment or gift card within a few business days.

In addition, Branded Research Inc. now works with valuable affiliates that attract the perfect survey takers for market research. Branded Surveys has now started a branded survey affiliate offer program for affiliates to earn competitive commission for driving new users to the Branded Surveys site. Affiliate Partners also enjoy real-time reporting on all campaigns, reliable support from our friendly team, and industry-leading conversion rates leading to handsome payouts.

With these additions, becoming a survey taker or an affiliate for Branded Surveys is a great step to finding long-term savings. Taking online surveys is an easy way to earn cash or gift card rewards and save money. Companies need help with market research and are willing to pay well for quality market insight. This allows users to take advantage of Branded Surveys’ options and save more money while doing it.

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