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Bell and Howell Addresses Last Mile Challenges with New QuickCollect GO! Solution

The QuickCollect GO! Cube allows further flexibility and increases fulfillment options

Bell and Howell, the leading provider of automated pickup solutions, announced a revolutionary new product within the QuickCollect GO!™ platform. The QuickCollect GO!™ Cube is a highly scalable indoor freestanding automated order pickup system that allows customers to obtain orders in seconds avoiding lines and service desks.

The QuickCollect GO!™ Cube is part of the GO! product family that helps retailers and others reduce the cost, complexity, and environmental impact of last-mile delivery by enabling unattended pickup from conveniently located automated kiosks. The GO! Cube is built upon the same robotic “store in a box” technology found in the QuickCollect GO!™ Pod, using its modular technology to achieve higher density order storage capability. A prominent global company has now launched the QuickCollect GO!™ Cube and this new form factor on the east coast to support package pickups.

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The QuickCollect GO!™ Cube is highly scalable to match consumer pickup demand and supports up to four customers at a time. The system takes advantage of vertical storage space often unattainable with normal order staging methods, minimizing the footprint and space requirements of high-volume e-commerce operations. The QuickCollect GO!™ Cube can accommodate a wide variety of items and packages, including grocery orders requiring temperature control with frozen, refrigerated, and ambient goods. This makes the system perfect for a diverse range of retail, parcel, and grocery applications.

“The QuickCollect GO!™ Cube offers yet another solution for addressing the last-mile challenges faced by delivery companies, grocers, and others. Compared to the slow pace of traditional delivery, a GO! product can achieve up to a 20x improvement in drops per hour. Additionally, Bell and Howell QuickCollect GO!™ products put the consumer first and in control over their time. Consumers no longer wait for goods at home or in a parking lot, instead their items are waiting for them. This new iteration of our revolutionary technology gives businesses more ways to offer customers the convenience they desire while reducing complexity and cost,” said James Hermanowski, General Manager and Vice President of Bell and Howell’s BH QuickCollect™ Solutions business.

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With consumer habits shifting dramatically in the last several years, many businesses, especially grocers, have seen their current pickup processes strained due to the increase in e-commerce order demand, rising labor costs, and inability to meet consumer expectations. With the QuickCollect GO!™ Cube, Bell and Howell continues to innovate and design solutions that remove inefficiencies and address the high cost of last-mile delivery.

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