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Optimizely Announces Enhanced Experimentation Platform at Opticon20

Optimizely, the world’s leader in progressive delivery and experimentation, at Opticon20 announced several new products and partnerships, including integrations with enterprise platforms that make it easier for customers to leverage progressive delivery and experimentation to drive more agile, competitive business decisions.

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“Businesses cannot survive in today’s environment by guessing,” said Claire Vo, Chief Product Officer, Optimizely. “Teams are prioritizing progressive delivery and experimentation practices to navigate today’s unpredictable market and remain agile for future opportunities and challenges. Today’s announcements illustrate the high demand for these critical tools and Optimizely’s leadership in enabling smart, data-informed product development for the modern digital team.”

Optimizely’s enterprise-grade platform supports billions of events daily and has conducted more than 2 million experiments to-date. In the past six months, over 1,000 COVID-19 and coronavirus related campaigns and experiments have launched as customers aim to minimize business risk and stay more closely aligned with changing customer behaviors and purchasing habits during the pandemic. Based on customer feedback and these usage trends, Optimizely unveiled several new features and capabilities in its portfolio today at Opticon20.

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Optimizely Unveils New Version of Full Stack with Enhanced User Experience, New Capabilities
A new version of Optimizely’s flagship feature flag and in-code experimentation platform, Full Stack, includes new capabilities and flexibility to simplify deployment and speed time to value. Full Stack is available via 12 SDKs or as a microservice and powers brands including Alaska Airlines, BBC, Blue Apron, ClassPass, Compass, Lending Club, Sky Media, and StubHub, among many more customers.

  • The new Full Stack includes an enhanced user interface that makes it the industry’s most robust enterprise-grade server-side platform to integrate progressive delivery and experimentation. The new design allows customers to create and manage feature flags, and set up experiments on those flags within one user interface for the first time, greatly streamlining how teams orchestrate flags, rollouts, and experiments. By uniting feature flags and experiments in a single progressive delivery and experimentation workflow, all flags become opportunities to experiment, and all experiments benefit from the safeguards flagging provides.
  • The new version of Full Stack also features Optimizely’s new Decide API. Decide API replaces nine APIs with a simpler and more powerful API, helping reduce the complexity of individual Full Stack SDKs and make them easier for engineers to adopt. It unifies the implementation process for experiments and feature flags.
  • In addition, the new Flag Monitoring capability in Full Stack brings the power of Optimizely’s data platform and analytics to the company’s progressive delivery feature set. Flag Monitoring provides developers a direct line of sight into how the code they deploy behaves as well as audience analytics detailing how users engage with a flag, which in turn allows teams to make crucial time-saving decisions. Like experiment data, flag data will be available for export and to integrate with other platforms such as Snowflake or Datadog.

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