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UserTesting Study Reveals What 11 World-Class Companies Do to Be Customer Experience Leaders

Latest CX Leaders Study Draws Connection Between a Stellar Employee Experience and Delivering a World-Class Customer Experience

For companies to win in today’s Experience Economy, they must understand what their customers think and how they feel. Customer expectations are heightened, and anything less than an exceptional, positively-charged, and memorable experience is unacceptable. Customers control the market, and with competition abound, looking for an alternative just takes a quick web search. For companies to retain customers and keep them returning as brand loyalists, developing an emotional connection between company and employees, and employees and customers is key.

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There are studies conducted every year that try to identify CX leaders in a number of different industries. Many of these reports look at how these companies perform against their peers. The UserTesting CX leaders study set out to learn what types of experiences these companies provide, what best-in-class customer experience looks like today and what these CX leaders all have in common.

Feedback was received from 22 participants, with questions about the experience broken down into three categories:

  • Mobile website acquisition flow where participants performed a task on a mobile website, and then were asked to share their overall feedback on usability, credibility, loyalty, and appearance.
  • Loyal customers’ experiences were valued as they were interviewed via UserTesting Live Conversation where they shared what makes them loyal to the brand, the value they see in the brand, and why they feel the brand is superior to its competitors.
  • Brand messaging was used to understand sentiment as customers were asked to use adjectives to describe the brand, then watched the brand’s most-viewed commercial (in the last 12 months) and were given the opportunity to add, change, or remove any words they shared prior to watching the ad.

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“Brands can and do set themselves apart by offering best-in-class customer experiences, as exemplified by the companies profiled in this report,” said Janelle Este, Chief Insights Officer at UserTesting. “It is no longer good enough to try to meet your customers’ expectations, you must far exceed them. If you want your customer experience to be a brand differentiator, it must be part of your company’s DNA and long-term vision.”

UserTesting enables every organization to deliver the best customer experience powered by human insight. With UserTesting’s on-demand Human Insight Platform, companies across industries make accurate customer-first decisions at every level, at the speed business demands. With UserTesting, product teams, marketers, digital and customer experience executives, designers and UX researchers confidently and quickly create the right experiences for all target audiences, increasing brand loyalty and revenue.

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