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X1 Launches X1E Remote Collection On-Demand, Industry’s First Solution for Cloud-Based Employee Data Collection

Revolutionary Solution Remotely Collects ESI from Employee Laptops and File Shares into a Relativity Server or RelativityOne Workspace with Only an Internet Connection

X1, the global leader in enterprise-class, distributed data discovery and compliance software, announced the availability of the industry’s first-ever, cloud-based remote employee ESI collection solution, X1E Remote Collection On-Demand. Global enterprises, federal, state and local governments, law firms and service providers can now collect data from employee laptops, company file shares and cloud data sources entirely remotely in a matter of minutes, anywhere in the world, without the need for any upfront investment or IT involvement.

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.@X1Discovery launches the industry’s 1st solution for cloud-based employee data collection. X1E Remote Collection On-Demand collects data from laptops & file shares remotely, in minutes, w/out upfront investment & IT involvement.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic requiring ‘social distancing’ everywhere, employees and companies have been forced to work remotely across the globe, no longer commuting or traveling to a company office. This ‘new normal’ of a remote workforce will change myriad workflows, with data collection as part of investigations or litigation now being perhaps the most starkly outdated. The legacy approach of massive overcollection by using forensic tools to image entire drives through physical access to employee laptops is now completely unfeasible if not physically impossible. To fix this issue, X1E Remote Collection On-Demand delivers the workflow of the future now, providing enterprises and their law firms and service providers the ability to surgically collect data directly from employee laptops or desktops anywhere in the world in minutes, converting a slow, expensive and disruptive process into a quick, secure, cloud-based workflow.

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“The legacy forensic collection process requiring physical access to systems in order to image mountains of unresponsive and irrelevant data to then be taken back to a lab somewhere for processing and only then exported into a review and analytics platform was outdated before COVID-19,” said Craig Carpenter, CEO of X1. “It took weeks if not months and cost clients tens of thousands more than necessary, and was simply no longer feasible. With X1E Remote Collection On-Demand, however, clients and their law firms and service providers can start and finish a collection in minutes or hours, no matter where they or their employees are located, all without the need for any hardware, staff or IT involvement, let alone physical access to employee devices. We believe this will quickly become the only way collections will be handled going forward.”

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