SalesTech Star Empowers Peddle to Accelerate Application Provisioning at Scale and Streamline 30% of IT Processes With Low-code Automation

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Rapidly-growing Automotive E-commerce Leader Streamlines IT Change Management and Technology Provisioning Across More Than 260 Apps including Airtable, Asana, Jira, HubSpot, Salesforce, and Slack, the leader in low-code automation and integration, announced that Peddle, a rapidly-growing leader in the automotive e-commerce marketplace, has deployed the Tray Platform to scale account provisioning for IT and mission-critical auction-related workflows, streamlining 30% of its manual IT tasks. To minimize risk and improve efficiency, Peddle implemented’s low-code automation platform to integrate various disparate tools in its techstack—including Airtable, Asana, Jira, HubSpot, Salesforce, and Slack—and automate IT change management and technology provisioning processes across more than 260 applications. Within the first three months of using the Tray Platform, Peddle also significantly streamlined its IT provisioning processes to dramatically accelerate onboarding.

Pumping the Brakes on Processes That Are Inefficient, Risky and Not Scalable

Peddle, an automotive e-commerce platform that matches car sellers and buyers nationwide and uses real-time market analysis and its growing partner network of licensed buyers to ensure sellers receive the highest offer instantly for their vehicles, faced increasing challenges with scaling its business processes.

“Manual work is monotonous and wears on good talent,” said Peddle automation specialist Mary Fossbender. “Any time manual work is involved, you can expect mistakes. With the Tray Platform, we can automate away the manual work—and mistakes—and let our teams focus on doing what they do best.”

As its strong network of buyers, sellers, and carriers expanded, so did the manual work required for IT to provision new users across more than 200 different applications in the company’s tech stack. The company also needed to simplify its data-heavy auction management processes, which are a foundational part of the company’s business. These processes required extensive and detailed work to manage messaging and alert updates on vehicle status, pricing, and other important transactional details from the auction houses and carriers who transfer vehicles post-auction. Managing these updates required IT to manually sort through and review hundreds of lines of data to extract and deliver specific information into the relevant systems from the multiple updates received from vendors throughout the day. The company needed a way to automate its intensive and manual processes and free its IT team to focus on product innovation and other revenue-generating, technical tasks—or risk falling behind on critical innovation initiatives.

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Peddle Revs Up Mission-critical Processes and E-commerce Operations With Low-Code Automation

Peddle quickly came to understand that it couldn’t accurately and efficiently scale its identity management and auction processes by hand. The Peddle engineering team was already using the Tray Platform for some operational tasks, so the company expanded its use of the platform to include the automation of account provisioning and auction-related workflows.

“I knew that automation was the best way … really the only way we could streamline these manual tasks in order to scale the business. I had tested other automation tools, including down-market freemium stuff and other, less-flexible solutions, but ultimately saw that the Tray Platform, with its robust functionality and intuitive interface, was the best tool for what we needed,” said Daniel Wynn, director of IT at Peddle. “While, of course, machines can execute things quicker and more consistently, the real benefit of automation is that it lets people focus on the things that make them feel fulfilled in their role. Instead of focusing on permission lookups or copy-pasting Salesforce updates, with automation, your team can focus on problem-solving and innovating.”

After deployment, Peddle immediately experienced the positive business impact and value from the Tray Platform. Leveraging the robust functionality and flexibility of the Tray Platform, Peddle achieved the following results:

  • Streamlined IT processes and accelerated onboarding. Peddle’s IT team worked closely with’s customer success organization to create a form-based solution that integrated Airtable’s dynamic forms with project management tool Asana and engineering project tracker Jira. By integrating these tools, Peddle built a centralized method for rapidly handling identity management at scale and can now flow data across the various applications, significantly expediting identity and change management requests. Within the first three months of using the Tray Platform to automate identity management tasks, Peddle was able to onboard more than 100 contractors. As a result, Peddle was able to streamline 30% of its team’s manual IT tasks, which has helped the company build out its IT practices and scale its capabilities without requiring the company to scale headcount.
  • Expedited data-heavy auction operations. Peddle integrated its internal auction management system across HubSpot, Salesforce, and Slack. Using low-code integrations, the Peddle team developed a framework to sync data across its sales team and process each update from auction houses, carriers, and buyers to determine which departments to notify, when to update Salesforce and other relevant systems, and when to contact customers and other relevant partners.

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“Within the first three months of using the Tray Platform to automate identity management tasks, we’ve onboarded 106 contractors,” continued Wynn. “But the real testament to the power of automation is how much time we’re saving. In the last three months, we’ve automated 30 percent of our expected IT output. We’ve been able to streamline 30 percent of manual IT tasks, which has helped us build out our IT practice and scale our capabilities without being required to scale our headcount. Now, we can focus on bigger, more-impactful projects.”

Peddle plans to implement new, high-value automation use cases. The company’s IT team recently launched a title change processor workflow designed to track and change permission levels for individual users and is now exploring ways to tighten up its internal communications.

“We understand and have witnessed the difficult position IT teams are placed in when forced to spend time on time-consuming manual tasks while balancing support requests and demands for innovation, ” said Rich Waldron, CEO and co-founder, “It’s rewarding to see that by adopting a low-code approach to streamlining business processes, Peddle was able to significantly reduce its IT support backlog and free up time for its IT team to focus on more-strategic projects—reducing the risk of errors and improving scalability for future business growth. ”

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