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Qstream Unveils ‘Qcert,’ First-Of-Its-Kind Micro-Certification That Validates Mastery of Essential Job Skills and Competencies

Micro-Certification Gives Companies the Assurance that Employees are Proficient and Performance Ready

Qstream, makers of enterprise-grade microlearning software that reinforces training to improve workplace proficiency and performance, announced the launch of Qcert, a first-of-its-kind corporate micro-certification tool. Qcert delivers Q&A micro-challenges that reinforce and assess core competencies to motivate employees to work to the expected professional standard required for internal compliance. Qcert gives management the assurance that teams are field ready by validating that employees have a strong grasp of the critical knowledge and skills they need to excel in their position.

Qcert delivers a unique, continuous, agile certification model. Traditional one-off certification programs risk becoming quickly outdated with company and market changes. Unlike “check-the-box” one-time certifications, Qcert uses best practice microlearning methods that are scientifically proven to both help retain knowledge for proficiency gain, but also report in granular detail when someone has not reached a requisite threshold.

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Qcert is ideal for a changing business climate and can be adjusted as needed to provide the most current method of quantifying attainment of job-critical knowledge at individual, team and business-wide levels.

“Organizations face a ‘moving target’ of market change, regulation, company practices, competition and innovation. Organizations can’t afford to guess whether the knowledge of their employees is keeping pace with these types of changes,” said Jim Bowley, Qstream Vice President, Product. “Qcert micro-certification engages learners, reinforces their knowledge through best practice microlearning challenges, and communicates whether they’ve reached a required minimum threshold for success. By exposing areas of strength and weakness, managers are able to provide targeted coaching and further training for the people who need it in areas of identified need.”

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Qcert allows managers to set a passing certification level to create a minimum knowledge threshold for success. The solution tracks engagement and proficiency levels and stores a certification record for each employee enrolled in the program. Learners receive real-time micro-certification notifications and feedback on whether they achieve the required threshold level. Managers can in turn use data to analyze job performance through Qstream’s proficiency heatmaps, exposing a real-time view of performance readiness of individuals, teams and cohorts.

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