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NTT Ltd. ‘Future Disrupted’ Predictions for 2020: Data, Automation and Iot Will Enable Virtual Societies and Change the Way We Live & Work

Leading Technology Services Company Says Connected Cities and Societies Will Be a Focus in 2020 as It Launches Its ‘Future Disrupted’ Predictions, Looking at Technology Trends for the Next 12 Months and Beyond

NTT Ltd., the world-leading global technology services provider, has announced its Future Disrupted: 2020 technology trends predictions. They’re based on the most critical technology trends companies need to be aware of next year and the steps they need to take to address them. Formed from key insights from its technology experts, the company outlines the trends that will shape the business technology landscape throughout 2020 across six key areas: Disruptive Technologies, Cybersecurity, Workplace, Infrastructure, Business, and Technology Services. NTT Ltd. CTO Ettienne Reinecke predicts mainstream adoption of disruptive technologies in 2020 will finally see data, automation and internet of things (IoT) technologies come together to create connected cities and societies.

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The company predicts that 2020 will finally see all the hype words of the past decade come together to create completely connected environments that are capable of running themselves autonomously to build more intelligent cities, workplaces and businesses – and on a secure basis. Data, AI and secure by design will be at the heart of this movement, empowering devices to talk to one another and act on that information without human intervention. Smart cities and IoT will become the norm as they improve productivity, growth and innovation across entire regions.

NTT Ltd. is the newly-formed company bringing together 40,000 people from across 31 brands – including NTT Communications, Dimension Data and NTT Security – to serve 10,000 clients from around the world. Using the insights gathered from its global client base, NTT Ltd. is able to better understand the future and shape the most effective intelligent technology solutions for its customers. The Future Disrupted: 2020 Technology Trends looks at the way businesses need to prepare for tomorrow, in the next year.

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Commenting on the predictions, Ettienne Reinecke said: “The industry has been talking about different technologies, including the cloud, data, AI and security in different silos. But 2020 is the year that will change. Next year, we’ll see complete end-to-end computing come to the fore, bringing to life fully intelligent environments that are completely connected and will have a big impact on the world we live in.

“We will see most cities and societies starting to follow in the footsteps of Las Vegas City, which has become intelligent in the way it shares data across the region, improving situational awareness through video and sound data. With IoT technology on a secure infrastructure, it’s created a safer environment to live in, improving living conditions and, ultimately, saving lives. Projects like these need a variety of different technology capabilities to come together in order to achieve great things, so building fully connected environments will be the key focus point next year.”

The predictions have been compiled by NTT experts, who have identified key trends for the next twelve months as well as the disruptive technologies we can expect in the future – and the steps businesses can take in 2020 to take full advantage of them.

Quote from Ettienne: “Technology is already changing quickly, but this is the slowest pace of change we’ll ever see. It’s clear too that we’ve never before had so much powerful technology at our disposal – technology we can use to answer questions and solve problems in our societies, businesses and communities. There is a huge opportunity to use any and every tool out there to support innovation initiatives in every field and truly transform our future world for the better.”

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