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SetSchedule Teams Up with Home Junction® to Deliver Accurate Real Estate Data Powered by Machine Learning

The new partnership with leading data provider offers real estate professionals access to the latest intelligence to make informed decisions and reach new prospects

SetSchedule, a leading technology-based real estate marketing firm, announced that it has partnered with Home Junction, a data applications company, to enhance its real estate insight products.

SetSchedule offers artificial intelligence-fueled products for home shoppers and real estate professionals, including the SetSchedulePro application, which matches real estate agents and buyers according to an algorithmic analysis of psychological traits and factors, and the SetValue property estimator, which aggregates multiple data sources to calculate accurate, up-to-date property valuations.

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Through the partnership with Home Junction, a well-regarded and established provider of high-quality, deep-value real estate data, SetSchedule will augment its own algorithms and AI capabilities with new layers of data including:

  • Recent sales
  • Community information
  • Recent construction
  • Market trends

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Roy Dekel
Roy Dekel

“This strategic partnership with Home Junction is an exciting new step which has helped SetSchedule provide more accurate information to our users and further the creation of an unbiased environment through machine and data learning,” said Roy Dekel, CEO and founder of SetSchedule.

Roy added, “We want to consistently improve the data that we provide to our clients and this partnership allows us to do so in many ways. By using a plethora of providers, and offering full transparency into those data sources, we continuously supplement aggregated data and build upon it, creating a current and fruitful ecosystem between homeowners, buyers, and agents.”

Edward Kim
Edward Kim

These new sources will be available to homebuyers and real estate professionals alike through SetSchedule’s multiple applications and web properties. The compilation of data from both companies, continually optimized through machine learning, further facilitates an ecosystem wherein shoppers and agents can access trustworthy information and connect with each other based on verified compatibility data.

“We are thrilled to have partnered with SetSchedule as we are impressed with their offerings, their personnel and culture and we expect great success in their future,” said Edward Kim, SVP, Sales & Business Development with Home Junction.

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