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Unmetric Accelerates Time-to-Insight with ‘Outlier’ Detection for Branded Social Content

New feature boosts social signal-to-noise ratio by isolating content that receives unusually high engagement and curates posts in a single visual feed

Unmetric, an enterprise solution for branded content analysis and discovery, announced new outlier detection capabilities that enable digital marketers to easily identify and mine insights from social content that generates significantly higher than average audience interactions across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Outlier detection allows brands to quickly find the insight “needles” in their social data “haystack,” as well as dissect individual posts to understand key engagement drivers.

“Marketers today are data-rich but insight poor—and social media plays a significant part in the ongoing data deluge,” said Lux Narayan, CEO of Unmetric. “Unmetric’s mission has always been to help brands cut through the noise in the battle for mindshare and get straight to the insights that matter most about their competitors’ content. The outliers feature refines this further by taking that universe of social posts from competing brands and spotlighting the most attention-worthy content in its own visual feed that’s easy to follow and react to.”

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Unmetric Analyze already features a visual stream of content from a portfolio of brand competitors that marketers select to keep close tabs on. The outliers feature eliminates the need to manually sort or monitor content based on engagement by automatically detecting variances in publishing cadence or surges in audience interactions that fall outside of the norm in terms of standalone metrics (likes, comments, shares, retweets) or proportion of metrics to each other. Unmetric identifies outliers using a proprietary algorithm based on a brand’s content published over the past 12 weeks.

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Key Outliers Insights

  • Post or Tweet Storm: Flags a brand posting multiple times to Facebook or Instagram or tweeting in a short period of time.
  • Post or Tweet Surprise: Flags a brand publishing content on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter after a significant amount of time of silence.
  • Engagement Surge: Flags content that receives a massive increase in likes, comments, shares or retweets compared to all posts the brand published in the past 12 weeks.
  • Engagement Proportion: Flags content that receives a disproportionate number of any engagement metric (likes, comments, shares, retweets) compared to any other engagement metric (e.g. a post got 17 times more shares than likes).

Key Outliers Benefits

  • Boost Competitive Content Intelligence: Quickly identify and mine competitive intelligence on outlier content that may normally get missed in a larger content feed.
  • Accelerate Content & Campaign Ideation: Derive creative inspiration for future content and campaigns based on strategies and tactics that drive massive audience interaction.
  • Identify Trends: Uncover visual or topical trends per industry vertical that are garnering significant engagement compared to normal.
  • Detect Possible Issues Early: Unearth and investigate a possible unfolding social media crisis through outliers such as a comment surge.

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