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Tango Introduces New Batch Blur Functionality

Blurs sensitive information in one click strengthening privacy and security

Tango, the browser extension and desktop application that automatically generates how-to guides while you work, has introduced Batch Blur functionality to its solution ecosystem. With privacy and security remaining a top priority for organizations across every industry sector, the new feature enables businesses to protect personally identifiable information (PII) across every how-to guide made with Tango in just one click.

“Manually blurring screenshots to protect sensitive information is tedious work. It can easily take up to 10 minutes to redact PII from a single screenshot. Multiply that across many screenshots in a standard operating procedure, and organizations are looking at hours of manual work that can be better invested elsewhere,” said Kristie Howard, Director of Engineering at Tango. “Batch Blur helps managers, operations professionals, and trainers make training guides people love in minutes, without sacrificing privacy, compliance, and security.”

A staggering 422 million people’s PII attributes were stolen in 2022, a significant jump from 294 million in 2021. Given the severity of ongoing data breaches, increasingly sophisticated phishing campaigns, and more intelligent hacking taking place than ever before, business leaders have prioritized the safeguarding of PII. To do so means that all areas of the business are secure – including knowledge transfer and training documentation. Batch Blur provides a powerful tool for protecting PII while ensuring that sensitive information is used appropriately and securely without impeding an employee’s ability to execute quickly.

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Batch Blur brings several privacy and security-related benefits:

  • Data Protection: Blurring screenshots can protect PII from being accessed or misused by unauthorized individuals or entities.
  • Compliance: Many industries and governments have regulations that require organizations to protect PII. Batch Blur can help organizations meet these requirements and avoid penalties.
  • Risk Reduction: PII breaches can result in financial losses, damage to reputation, and lawsuits. Using Batch Blur for PII can reduce the risk of breaches and the resultant consequences.
  • Research and Testing: In some cases, organizations need to use PII data for research or testing purposes, but they want to protect the privacy of individuals. Batch Blur can enable the use of PII data while preserving privacy.
  • Data Sharing: In some situations, organizations must share PII data with partners or third-party vendors. Batch Blur enables companies to share PII data securely while minimizing the risk of breaches or misuse.

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“Tango’s Batch Blur enables organizations to protect themselves and their people. The new feature helps safeguard against human error that might result in a person missing sensitive information in screenshots and is a critical enabler to data privacy compliance,” said Howard.

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