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StrikeForce Technologies Launches Version 2.1 Of Its Secure Video Conferencing Solution With 5-Layers Of Meeting Protection For Businesses Of All Sizes

SafeVchat 2.1 was developed with cybersecurity as a core tenet to keep meeting participants safe and confidential information secure for businesses and critical industries ranging from education, healthcare, government and the public sector

StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: SFOR), a cyber security company that provides next-gen cyber, privacy and data protection solutions for business and home users, launches v2.1 for secure video conferencing. The updated v2.1 combines the reliability and scalability of secure SafeVchat Meetings into one comprehensive solution, meeting the needs of users who now have more concerns than ever over privacy, data accessibility, and the threat of hacks and cyber-attacks.

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“SafeVchat is the industry’s first video conferencing solution developed by a cybersecurity company and built with security and privacy as the leading priority,” said Mark L. Kay, CEO of StrikeForce. “Hackers are making millions stealing and selling your data, and until now, all the other video conferencing vendors turned a blind-eye to securing your privacy and data during a video conference. With SafeVchat, all of that has now changed.”

The traditional workplace continues to evolve, with more employees and organizations embracing remote places as workspaces. Many businesses today rely on virtual communications, yet an increase in so-called ‘Zoom bomb’ attacks has led to U.S. senators recently questioning the overall security of video conferencing tools. The v2.1 updates to SafeVchat’s platform enhances the conferencing experience, enables organizations to continue to ensure secure communications and addresses the vulnerabilities within widely used video platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and others. Additionally, SafeVchat now includes a wider range of admin features, taking into account important factors around how companies conduct business today.

“The corporate world has undergone a rapid shift and video conferencing tools have now become critical to maintaining business continuity. Yet they’ve all become easy targets for hackers, which is why we developed a highly secure platform built on cyber technology and expertise,” added Kay. “We know that businesses are looking for both convenience and security when it comes to video conferencing. These updates to SafeVchat offer businesses more levels of protection and new features that can meet their continuously changing needs and to make sure that every company knows that they can protect their data and privacy during their video conferences. We are also launching a national ad campaign with American Eagle for any business looking to protect their privacy & data.”

The SafeVchat v2.1 platform updates include:

  • SafeVchat Meeting Manager: Lets users share corporate databases and seamlessly import meeting contacts from various CSV files.
  • Additional Authentication Methods: Meeting managers & administrators now have eight different authentication methods to choose from.
  • Meeting UI (user interface): Easier to use and improved interface now includes a virtual background feature that allows users to toggle backgrounds, along with improved audio and video quality for a better video conferencing experience.
  • API Integration: Allows resellers to easily integrate to 3rd party shopping carts.

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SafeVchat leverages patented out-of-band authentication and keystroke protection technology to provide proprietary meeting authorization and desktop security and does not require a desktop client and is completely browser-based. SafeVchat has also released mobile versions of its secure video conferencing platform in both the Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store

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