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Shopify Plus Stores Can Easily Add Passwordless Login With Passkeys Support


Shopify Plus stores can now easily implement passwordless login with Passkeys support to help reduce drop rate and increase conversion using the free OwnID plugin.

OwnID, the passwordless infrastructure for the internet, announced today the release of Passkeys support for all Shopify Plus stores. The new plugin is a low-code way to add passwordless authentication to your store. By eliminating the need to create and remember passwords, it allows users to register and log in with a single click on any device. OwnID offers the technology at no cost, up to 10,000 logins per month. The news comes following OwnID’s release of a no-code WordPress plugin.

With Passkeys support, Shopify Plus site owners can eliminate the dependency on passwords, improve the conversion rate by 20% or more, and reduce user drop-offs by 35%. This is based on actual case studies showing improved metrics following the deployment of the OwnID solution. Streamlining the purchase flow and reducing the user drop-off rate are crucial for store owners and marketers. Both can be achieved by eliminating passwords.

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Shopify Plus store owners who wish to add passwordless support to their website, will simply follow 4 easy steps to enable multipass login in their store, and connect the Shopify plugin to the OwnID console using a API key. The implementation process was designed to be as simple and easy as possible.

Earlier this year, Apple, Google and Microsoft joined hands with the FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium to work on removing passwords for user authentication across the platforms. Apple announced its own implementation of this standard called Passkey. Microsoft and Google released similar statements announcing their own Passkeys implementation.

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OwnID is a revolutionary authentication solution that offers a frictionless, faster, and cheaper way to verify a user’s identity. It delivers a secure, seamless, and personalized experience for the user. The OwnID solution is a complete end-to-end platform that can be utilized by any application or website to significantly reduce the drop-off rate, improve user experience, and protect users from fraud. It supports Passkeys out of the box. This means that the OwnID solution works for all users, regardless of device type – Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, or any other.

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