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Royal Cyber’s Launches InView for Salesforce to Achieve a 360-Degree View of Business Data

Royal Cyber Inc, a global IT consulting company for digital transformation, rolled out Business InView for Salesforce to help analyze, manage and display data.

Royal Cyber Inc., a global IT consulting company for business transformation and Salesforce Partners, rolled out Business InView for Salesforce to help Business users or managers, to analyze, manage and display data in the form of dashboards, without any manual or human interventions, thus avoiding any data mishandling. This application also helps organizations to make informed decisions based on meaningful and aggregated customer data.

Despite substantial data sets being readily available, functional applications focus on user interfaces and utilize databases to store and not to manage data. Instead of approaching each data category individually, separately, or sequentially, Royal Cyber InView for Salesforce uses Master Data Management (MDM) to compile the data sets, enabling to view the data holistically and providing a complete view of the business & customer journey.

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“Royal Cyber Business InView for Salesforce is developed to aid with disconnected and fragmented data. It helps to derive a contextual understanding and adds exponential value to the data sets.”

— Lala Asif Allana [Practice Head for Salesforce

The key features of “Royal Cyber Business Inview for Salesforce” solutions include:

• Eliminating inconsistencies of formats, dimensions, and definitions to gain comprehensive insights across source systems.
• Compatibility and visibility across various channels, including sales, services, financial, product, inventory, communication, and customer data.
• Connecting multiple data sources and creating dashboards for analysis such as ERP, CRM, CDP, commerce, sales, financial, and marketing systems while connecting internal and external applications.

Offering a set of universal benefits across all industries, Royal Cyber Business InView for Salesforce also helps to solve industry-specific issues for manufacturing, insurance, finance, or retail, among other industries. It enables to provide better services, anticipate customer needs, and refine operational processes to deliver customized offers and drive business revenue.

A study conducted in 2021 states that, IT Decision Makers report an average of 42% of data management processes that can be automated, currently being done manually and taking up valuable time and resources. As a result, 93% of them believe improvements are needed to collect, manage, store, and analyze the data.

“Royal Cyber Business InView for Salesforce is developed to help businesses struggling with disconnected, fragmented, inaccurate, and incomplete data sets. The solution helps derive a contextual understanding of the data, making it ideal for adding exponential value to an organization’s already existing and new data. This creation is an exemplary model of innovative business transformation to help our clients make informed growth decisions”, said Lala Asif Allana, Practice Head for Salesforce, Royal Cyber.

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Benefits of Royal Cyber Business InView for Salesforce:

• Increase revenue with better cross-selling and up-selling opportunities and increase customer retention.
• Higher conversion rates with product development options and enhanced support services
• Boost customer retention rates with guided selling and recognize profitability across products and services
• Reduce risks of issuing unfavorable credit terms, regulatory non-compliances for customer privacy regulations, and general risk management

Royal Cyber Business InView is built native to Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM application. With this solution, gain access to a complete and comprehensive view for each business area, and add more value to data to help make better-informed decisions.

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