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Criteo Data Shows In-Store Sales Returned to Pre-Pandemic Levels in May

As the U.S. begins to open back up, in-store shopping is one activity already on the rise. Criteo S.A. , the global technology company that provides the world’s leading Commerce Media Platform, revealed new data that shows U.S. in-store sales transactions increased 8%1 in May when compared to pre-pandemic levels from February 2020. To prepare for this shift, Criteo has helped marketers optimize campaigns and drive more sales in their stores through its Store Sales solution. U.S. retailers who have implemented Store Sales campaigns have seen on average a 38% YoY2 increase in in-store sales.

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Driving Omnichannel Outcomes 

A key product in the company’s suite of omnichannel solutions, Criteo Store Sales maximizes retailers’ first-party customer and sales data to reach and engage consumers based on their online and offline shopping history. In turn, enabling marketers to deliver a personalized experience that drives omnichannel outcomes, grows customer lifetime value and increases total revenue.

“When lockdowns initially closed stores, we collaborated with our clients to reduce some of the loss by converting their store shoppers into omnichannel buyers. As vaccinations increase and restrictions ease, the ‘great reopening’ of brick-and-mortar is underway and the competition to bring these valuable customers back in-store is fierce,” said Tim Rogers, Senior Vice President and Global General Manager of Omnichannel and CRM, Criteo. “With our Store Sales solution, we’re helping marketers successfully re-emerge from the pandemic and revitalize their store business.”

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How Criteo’s Store Sales Solution Works

Criteo’s Store Sale solution matches a retailer’s in-store transaction data with over 2.5 billion unique user IDs via the company’s Shopper Graph, resulting in a complete view of the consumers shopping journey. The company then delivers a personalized ad with store-specific messaging and product recommendations based on customer intent and past purchase behavior. Conversions are measured and used as feedback for the Store Engine, a part of Criteo’s renowned AI Engine, to learn in near real-time, and continuously iterate and optimize campaigns to outcomes across all channels.

The news follows Criteo’s rebrand and renewed vision and mission to bring every consumer richer experiences by powering the world’s marketers and media owners with trusted and impactful advertising. Omnichannel solutions like Store Sales are helping bring back customers and strengthen relationships.

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