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Second Nature’s AI Sales Training Deployed at Global Sales Development Agency Whistle

The first SDR agency to use AI technology to increase training efficiency, Whistle offers unlimited opportunities for independently practicing sales pitches, handling objections

Second Nature, the automated AI-powered sales training solution, has signed an agreement with global sales development agency, Whistle, to train their SDR/ sales development team using AI-powered sales conversation practice.

The company is the first SDR agency to use this technology which provides natural language simulations, enabling Whistle’s sales professionals to hone in their skills with unlimited simulations and receive immediate AI-generated feedback. The training promises a huge improvement in SDR development, which has been commonly delivered via one-on-one role play.

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Whistle’s team will use Second Nature to fine-tune their SDR methodology and objection handling. In addition, Whistle will incorporate its culture, technology and security awareness training into Second Nature, which will serve as its primary learning management system (LMS). One of the biggest challenges SDRs face is the lack of opportunity to practice within a realistic context before they speak with prospects. Since SDRs are often speaking to prospects with little room for error, sales conversation skills need to be sharp to make the most of interactions on the phone. With Second Nature, sales reps can practice whenever they want, resulting in reduced time spent on training and accelerated development of competencies for specific sales campaigns.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Whistle on enhancing their SDRs’ learning environment with interactive practice sales conversations,” said Second Nature Co-founder and CEO, Ariel Hitron.” An SDR might make 100 dials before they reach an actual human being, and by using Second Nature, Whistle ensures that when their SDRs make contact, they will perform at their optimal level to deliver the key messages to achieve the most positive outcome.”

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“Our customers are fast-growing companies who are looking to build on their momentum and expand their sales,” said Whistle CEO, David Zeff.” Just as a pilot must complete flight simulation hours to keep their skills sharp, SDRs need to practice often and receive clear feedback on where to improve. By incorporating Second Nature’s AI practice conversations into our current SDR onboarding and training programs, we are further investing in our team to ensure that we continue to deliver a world-class service for our customers.”

Whistle’s new program is based on the strong combination of its methodology, gained from working with dozens of companies and the process they have developed around that, and Second Nature’s innovative technology as a learning delivery platform. Whistle has the capacity to scale up its sales training faster compared to using human trainers, giving sellers a chance to acquire new content expertise and skills in the privacy of their own home or office, while offering their managers valuable insights into their sellers’ sales readiness.

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