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Qubit Survey: Online Shoppers Blame Inability to Find Desired Products as Top Reason for Lack of Purchase

More than 61% of shoppers cite poor site navigation as the motivation for ‘bouncing’ and abandonment

Qubit, a leader in AI-powered personalization, today announced new findings from a July 2021 survey of 1,500 U.S. and U.K. consumers, which amplifies the significance of and opportunities for improvement in the retail customer experience online. Nearly three quarters of survey respondents reported that their reason for “bouncing” or abandoning an ecommerce site is a result of difficulty in finding the products they are seeking. Furthermore, 37.1% said that product recommendations are rarely tailored to them.

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“Consumers are increasingly relying on ecommerce for their shopping needs and are doing so in greater volumes and with more resolve than ever before,” said Tracey Ryan O’Connor, Chief Revenue Officer at Qubit. “The shift towards online shopping, which experienced unprecedented growth due to the pandemic, is showing signs of longevity. This underscores the urgency for brands to improve the online shopping experience that they’re delivering based on customer feedback and industry best practices.”

In August 2021, Qubit released data showing that nearly 86% of consumers plan to continue shopping at the same level or more online, despite stores reopening, with nearly one-third of shoppers expecting to purchase even more online during the upcoming holiday season as compared to the 2020 peak period. Considering the promise of continued ecommerce growth, Qubit’s latest survey results highlight key areas of opportunity for brands to optimize for the upcoming shopping peak and beyond:

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  • Productsare overwhelming online shoppers – Challenges with finding desired products was reported to be the number one reason why both U.S. and U.K. shoppers abandon a site without making a purchase (72.6% of respondents). This figure complements Qubit’s previously released data, which showed that nearly nine in 10 shoppers feel overwhelmed by product choices presented to them on a retailer’s site.
  • Site design poses challenges for product discovery – Poor navigation was selected by 61.1% of shoppersas a top reason for bouncing or abandoning a site. Furthermore, 6.3% of consumers reported looking for products page by page – a surprisingly high figure for this inefficient manner of product discovery. This is noteworthy because brands typically have only a couple of page views to grab and maintain a shopper’s attention.
  • No room for delays or missteps in onlinecustomer service – Shipping and return policies, at 54.5%, and lack of reviews, at 52%, were also high on the list of reasons why shoppers leave the brand’s site or abandon a purchase.
  • 1:1 personalization continues to be expected yet not easily attained by consumers – While 34.5% of U.S. and U.K. shoppers(41.5% for U.S. respondents only) said they expect recommended products to be tailored to them specifically while shopping online, 37.1% said that product recommendations are rarely tailored to them.
  • Easy mobile purchasing is a growing area of influence for shoppers, especially in the U.S. – Mobile shopping appears to be more popular with U.S. respondents than in the U.K., with 40.7% of U.S. consumers reporting their preference to shop by smartphone versus 30.4% in the U.K. Mobile ecommerce will only continue to grow globally in the coming years as social media and mobile devices make not only browsing, but also buying via mobile, effortless.

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