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Pluto7 Launches its Click-to-Deploy Solutions Enabling Supply Chain Data and AI Foundation in Just 2 Weeks

Pluto7’s Click-to-Deploy solution establishes a sustainable path to value as it provides near-term insights and sets the enterprise up for long-term success.

Pluto7 today announced the launch of their new Click-to-Deploy platform-based solution offering, Planning in a Box. This is an exciting step forward in the pursuit of helping customers ramp up at scale within just 1 hour from solution deployment and they are now able to see their data in motion within just 2 weeks. As the market continues to shift toward data-driven supply chains which heavily rely on clean, consistent, and convenient methods of data consolidation, Pluto7 aims to steadily support this movement by offering real-time analytics through the development of data foundation solutions that transform the customer’s data sets so that they can derive more meaningful insights and make decisions with agility.

In its essence, Pluto7’s Click-to-Deploy solution establishes a sustainable path to value as it provides near-term insights and sets the enterprise up for long-term success as this new realm of solutions just takes a few clicks and helps to orchestrate the many architecture components across supply chain nodes without having to start from scratch. This solution takes into account the many APIs, Excel spreadsheets, SAP data, as well as runs in the customer’s cloud instance, and monitors target metrics which allows the customer to track their supply chain operations in real-time and perform rapid response planning with ML and advanced analytics.

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Platform-Based Solution Enablement

Understanding each individual customer is Pluto7’s main priority. From in-depth workshops with simulated outcomes using sample data, to factory floor visits, and online assessments, Pluto7 supports customers with all the tools and knowledge they need in order to onboard onto the Click-to-Deploy solutions with ease. Typically the customer starts with one preceding use case such as Demand Sensing, Demand Forecasting, or Inventory Management where the customer can understand the driven outcomes from the solution and what value they can begin to receive after a short, 2-week window. From that point, Pluto7 begins its data management, ML model refinement, and governance process which allows for seamless integration of the customer’s internal, external, and, third-party data which is all relevant to track and monitor across the solution dashboard and pipelines. Defining the transformation path is also critical during this stage as customers gain a deeper understanding of the long-term outcomes they can benefit from. Whether it is building the data foundation itself, predicting demand, positioning inventory, fulfilling orders, or implementing factory automation, Pluto7 is eager to help create a data and AI strategy to address the customer’s various and unique needs in their near and far future.

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Continuous Innovation and Support

The path towards supply chain data-driven transformation utilizes many progressive concepts and technologies as there is no one-stop solution that can create overnight change but with Pluto7’s Click-to-Deploy Solution, the customer gains extensibility into their data and a Support plan that assists them in the pursuit of ongoing and incremental transformation. Pluto7’s solutions implement functionality for top use cases and enable the customer to build many other custom use cases to deliver data-driven intelligence. With this foundation in place, customers can think outside of the box and start utilizing AI technology to experiment with innovative workshops, gain more data & technology insights, measure cost optimization for different initiatives, and experience ongoing support maintenance with Cloud DevOps.

An by the 12th week of solution implementation, the customers have also solidified their understanding of their data and have their first enterprise-wide use case deployed in production.

To learn more about Pluto7’s Click-to-Deploy solutions and how your enterprise can start experiencing supply chain data transformation, click here to book a complimentary demo today!

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