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Eccovia Launches ClientInsight, an AI-Powered Data Warehouse to Improve Social Service Delivery

Eccovia, a leading provider of cloud-based SaaS solutions for the health and human services sector, announces the release of an unprecedented data warehouse and community-analytics platform, ClientInsight. ClientInsight is hosted in Microsoft Azure and is a premier solution for data quality, performance, and actionable insights.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, our nation’s most vulnerable populations have faced adverse outcomes to their social determinants of health. In addition to a new pathogen in the public, domestic violence increased, as did homelessness. Data availability became a national topic of conversation as COVID-19 case counts rose, and there was never a greater need for increased access to timely data in the realm of social services. We now know the result of data that is incomplete, siloed, or “stale.” Data has to be available when needed, and the inequities in data availability were highlighted by the pandemic, as were the needs to address systemic issues in care coordination.

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With the launch of ClientInsight, social-services dashboards and data from across communities can integrate into a single source of truth, leading to a more holistic approach to addressing the needs of vulnerable populations, true coordinated entry, and effective care coordination.

From the CEO, Carl Champagne:
”ClientInsight is really the first-ever platform that will be able to help tie organizational data, collected every single day, to outcomes and progress that providers hope and expect to see. This is a true gamechanger that will allow community providers to set and meet more ambitious goals in their respective fights to end society’s most pressing issues.”

Data-privacy laws require secure access points to client data, yet networks that serve multiple populations must be able to share this data between organizations for care coordination. ClientInsight closes the gap between data privacy and care coordination, allowing providers to serve their clients’ needs with a more knowledgeable, integrated level of care.

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A complement to Eccovia’s case management platform, ClientTrack, ClientInsight’s unique feature set includes:

  • A highly scalable, cloud-based, AI-driven platform
  • Integration and ingestion from various providers and sources
  • Configurable data cleansing of ingested data
  • Client deduplication supported by machine-learning libraries
  • Deidentified data for public analysis and reporting
  • PII stored in a separate database with increased security measures
  • Predictive analytics capability to forecast service needs
  • Advanced data visualization for public and compliance communication
  • Automated, intuitive reporting for federal funding requirements

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