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BraynCX: Transforming the Digital Experience with AI, Chat, and Concierge-Level Video Customer Service

BCX is looking to launch the first-ever Autonomous Contact Center by leveraging conversational AI technology with a Customer Experience Architect at the helm.

According to recent surveys, 83% of Americans would like a remote 4-day work week. People are willing to work longer hours for more flexibility. It is estimated that 23% of the US workforce plan to quit their jobs in 2022 and 70% in Q1. This creates an immediate need for a global workforce that leverages people, processes, and technology – the gig workforce is an inevitable component of the future economy. BraynCX CEO and industry thought leader, Tariq Alinur, believes that video conferencing, Human assisted bots, and artificial intelligence (AI) technology will help to facilitate this change.

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In a world trending towards virtual interactions, digital transformation is a necessity. The BraynCX team believes that video chat, human-assisted bots, and AI are the future of customer service. BraynCX (BCX) specializes in leveraging these digital transformation services and call center solutions with the aim of improving customer experiences.

BCX is an international enterprise created to address a number of far-reaching issues in the digital age. The company’s transformative solutions have the potential to solve problems across a wide range of industries.

Solving the Labor Shortage Crisis
The US economy is struggling with a labor shortage. The BCX team believes that we can solve this crisis and minimize the impact of the pandemic with access to an on-demand global workforce. The company’s network of resources allows them to channel common customer transactions to low-cost solutions (e.g., digital messaging solutions) while personalizing complex interactions using concierge-level video and voice support. Their goal is to reduce overhead and operating costs while meeting the customer in their preferred communication channel.

Connecting Customer to Solutions
Many modern customers are looking to interact with their brands via their channel of choice. This is why BCX is focused on providing digital engagement solutions and multilingual customer support talents from across the globe. BCX wants to empower customers through their preferred channel – whether it’s a video, chat, text, bot, email, or the traditional phone call.

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Looking Towards the Future
Though the team’s ability to physically visit their global operations has been limited by COVID-19, they have been developing several engaging tools to facilitate virtual interactions and maintain efficiency. The company is looking to launch the first-ever Autonomous Contact Center by leveraging conversational AI technology with a Customer Experience Architect at the helm. Combining human expertise and artificial intelligence ensures their chatbots continue to learn and adapt to evolving customer behaviors.

With the growth of the global gig economy making freelance and contract work more common than ever, BraynCX looks towards the company’s future with a strong sense of optimism. As its founder states, “I feel confident that, over the next few years, we will become the go-to service for connecting multilingual talent to jobs across the globe. We will become the UBER of a highly skilled and customer-obsessed workforce.”

Meet the Mind Behind BraynCX

With over three decades of experience in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), call center, and customer experience industries, BraynCX CEO Tariq Alinur is a respected strategist and public speaker for digital transformation and forward-thinking customer experience solutions. Alinur has built and run large-scale call centers for companies like Apple, JP Morgan Chase, Spirit Airlines, Dell, and Liberty Latin America.

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