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SalesTechStar Interview with Garient Evans, SVP, Identity Solutions at Trulioo

Seamless customer on-boarding experiences are crucial to enhancing the overall value of a product or service today, Garient Evans, SVP, Identity Solutions at Trulioo shares a few best practices in this chat:


Hi Garient, welcome to this SalesTechStar chat! We’d love to hear a few top highlights from your journey in sales so far and more about your role at Trulioo!

At Trulioo, my role is to help companies conduct consumer and business verification globally to meet compliance requirements and digitally onboard customers. I head up the strategic sales and solution engineering functions. Prior to Trulioo, I served as the head of Channel Partnerships at Mitek and as the VP of Growth at Socure. I have over two decades of experience in credit, identity, fraud, document verification and compliance.

Tell us more about the GlobalGateway Match Rate Challenge by Trulioo and how it enables businesses?

The campaign aims to motivate businesses to compare their current identity verification solutions with results from Trulioo GlobalGateway to ensure they achieve the best possible identity verification match rates. GlobalGateway is powered by a single API integration that provides real-time verification of five billion consumers worldwide. Customers who switched to GlobalGateway have seen their verification rates rise by upwards of 40% when compared to their current providers. The Match Rate Challenge is free to participate in and qualified companies will receive an analysis that quantifies and benchmarks performance.

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How can identity verification processes and solutions create better customer journeys and business output – and how can businesses use these solutions more effectively as part of their stack?  

In today’s increasingly digital world, identity verification match rates are crucial to an organization’s success. Higher match rates lead to the quick and seamless customer on-boarding of verified customers, while poor match rates lead to frustrated customers, higher customer acquisition costs, support strain and lost revenue.

When it comes to digital customer on-boarding processes especially for regulated industries, what should businesses be doing to make the process more seamless for customers?

For regulated industries, especially banks and financial institutions, a modern, seamless on-boarding process is crucial, as this is where customers are most often lost. Ensuring effective verification practices are in place is key. Poor customer experience leads to lost revenue in two ways: acquisition cost (e.g., marketing, other resources) and opportunity cost (e.g., revenue that could have been generated throughout the customer lifecycle). Not to mention, there is the potential brand reputation risk that disappointed customers bring and the likelihood of poor recommendations about the company given to friends and family.

As a sales leader, what are a few customer facing processes that you feel sales teams of today need to be focusing more on?

Sales teams know that selling a product only generates a certain amount of value whereas selling a solution can generate value that is multiples greater. In SaaS environments, vendors stand out for not only how good their solutions are, but also the quality of the interactions between the entire organization and the customer. Forging multiple, positive relationships between the vendor and the customer can pay off in so many ways because the profile of the vendor can go beyond just a utility and into the vaunted “trusted partner” category. Salespeople need  to use their colleagues and executives to help create those relationships.

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A few thoughts on the kind of salestech that you feel should be used to drive better sales outcomes for B2B teams?

Sales technology needs to be able to integrate and work fluidly together. That is why Salesforce has become as dominant as it has. Any organization looking to scale rapidly needs to look at a technology stack that has come with pre-built integrations to all of the other most common sales tools. In addition, standard / default templates should be available for organizations not accustomed to the more sophisticated options or tuning required to get higher performance.

Also, look for technology that has a network effect. For example, tools that improve the more people use them and the more customers use them

Some last thoughts and B2B sales takeaways before we wrap up?

We live in one of the most exciting times for B2B sales. Evaluating technology, negotiating and finalizing contracts, working with distributed teams and decision makers has all become easier than ever. Companies with great strategy can put together technology stacks to quickly go to market and start selling. Trulioo is an example of what is possible when the right teams get together to put together the right tools and take advantage of industry trends that can lead to explosive growth!

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Trulioo is a leading global identity verification company building trust online so that businesses and consumers can transact safely and securely. Trulioo’s platform provides real-time verification of 5 billion consumers and 330 million business entities worldwide — all through a single API integration. Organizations rely on Trulioo’s identity verification solution, GlobalGateway, to help meet their business and compliance requirements and automate due diligence and fraud prevention workflows. The Trulioo mission is to help provide every person on the planet with a digital identity to enable access to basic financial services and support.

Garient Evans brings 20+ years of experience and expertise in credit, identity, fraud, documentation verification and compliance to Trulioo as SVP, Identity Solutions. He previously held senior roles with Mitek, Socure as well as ID Analytics where he was involved in releasing the industry’s first identity fraud detection score combining machine learning with personally identifiable information. At Deloitte, Garient worked with global financial services firms and he collaborated with financial and technology companies spanning LATAM, North America and the UK.

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