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Avoma Launches AI Coaching Assistant to Help Sales and Customer Success Teams Improve Their Performance

Automatically analyze and score 100% of sales and customer conversations using AI and get personalized coaching insights

Avoma, the leading AI Meeting Assistant and Revenue Intelligence solution, is launching its AI Coaching Assistant, the first in the industry. With this new addition to the platform, Avoma automatically analyzes and scores every customer conversation, providing managers with 100% coverage for coaching and real-time insights to improve performance for sales and customer success teams.

In today’s challenging economy with rising inflation, brands are desperate to boost sales and customer success performance. Despite advancements in conversational intelligence, managers still spend significant time reviewing ad hoc calls, resulting in delayed and subjective feedback. Measuring the impact of coaching on revenue growth and churn rates remains a huge challenge, making it difficult to track progress effectively.

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“Avoma has transcribed and analyzed over 4.5M meeting conversations since 2019. The reality is less than 1% of calls are actually manually reviewed by managers, creating a significant gap between perception and reality”, says Aditya Kothadiya, CEO and Founder of Avoma. “We’re dedicated to closing the knowledge gap with advanced AI solutions, empowering our customers to drive meaningful growth, and our AI Coaching Assistant was the natural next step.”

With Avoma’s AI Coaching Assistant, managers can quickly and efficiently review a large number of customer-facing calls. Avoma’s AI takes the first pass to evaluate all customer interactions, allowing managers to quickly filter and prioritize low-scored calls that require attention. Managers can dig deeper into the scores to identify topics and questions that were missed by reps and team members, such as budget inquiries or follow up meetings scheduled.

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Avoma’s AI-generated scores ensure consistent and objective measurements of the team’s progress, allowing for personalized coaching and quick feedback loops to improve performance and drive higher sales. These insights enable managers to drill down into specific interactions to identify root causes of issues, and enables managers to be more targeted in coaching their team members.

To give leaders a clear view of the team and individual’s performance, Avoma has created user-friendly dashboards that utilize data from the AI Coaching Assistant. These dashboards allow managers to effortlessly track team effectiveness, monitor progress, identify areas of strength, and pinpoint areas that need improvement. With data-driven insights at their fingertips, managers can make informed decisions to drive revenue growth and enhance customer satisfaction.

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