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Avaamo Announces Contact Center AI Solutions, To Accelerate Call Center Automation

Avaamo, the leading provider of Conversational AI, announced three new Contact Center AI solutions, to accelerate call center automation.

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Contact center leaders can now achieve their automation goals including

• Servicing and streamlining inbound calls
• Automating outbound calls
• CX performance across digital channels, human and virtual agents

Customers can now leverage Avaamo’s conversational AI platform to create a single self-service infrastructure to automate and transform the entire CX experience across IVR, web, messaging, chat, mobile, and smart home devices.

Servicing Inbound Calls

Avaamo’s Inbound Call solution eliminates navigating dated IVR menus and allows a caller to converse naturally to get the service they want with zero waiting. Avaamo’s Contact Center AI technology initiates a natural, intuitive, dynamic, interaction that greets the customers, identifies problems, initiates a multi-turn, judgment-intensive response, and improves First Call Resolution. It offers multiple choices to transfer or route calls if human agent assist is required.

Automating Outbound Calls

Avaamo outbound call calling features the industry’s most advanced Contact center AI voice offering. It helps contact center leaders design proactive, programmatic, bi-directional outreach to reach out to customers at the right time with the right information whether it’s appointment reminders, claims verification, or vaccine outreach. The ability to scale by reaching out to 1000s of customers in minutes, with automated filtering of voicemail, busy signals, and disconnected numbers increase efficiency for outbound calling programs and reduces overall inbound call volume.

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CX Performance

Avaamo CX performance solution captures each and every customer interaction across live agents and virtual assistants on voice, chat, or messaging in a single pane of glass. This solution arms call canter leaders with actionable insights including compliance gaps, customer sentiments and opportunities for agent coaching across the entire customer journey to enhance contact canter efficiency and make fast confident decisions to manage call canter KPIs’.

Seamless interoperability with Cisco, NICE, and Genesys

Avaamo’s Contact Center Ai solutions offer seamless interoperability with existing call center technologies such as Cisco, NICE, or Genesys. Our experience with dozens of implementations supports rapid deployment combined with flexible configuration. This allows call center leaders to immediately leverage AI technologies without impacting existing call canter configurations or call routing.

According to a recent McKinsey report, 29% of customer service agent responsibilities can be automated with technology.

“In an environment where call center automation has become a business imperative with rising call volume and increased customer expectations, Avaamo’s Contact center AI solutions are helping large enterprises advance digital engagement by automating the lifeblood of the call center – inbound and outbound calling,” said Ram Menon, Founder, and CEO of Avaamo. “The customer experience industry is at a crossroads. After years of incremental tinkering with interactive voice response systems, our AI technology can make contact center operations wildly more productive” he added.

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