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Amdocs Showcases Amazing Charging Capacity, Enabling 12 Billion Complex Charging Transactions Per Day on the Cloud

Amdocs’ charging and policy control products are positioned to further accelerate the industry’s evolution through AWS implementation


Amdocs (NASDAQ: DOX), a leading provider of software and services to communications and media companies, announced a significant milestone in its program of successful implementations of its real-time online charging solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

In recent tests, Amdocs and AWS have demonstrated a scale capacity target of 12 billion complex charging transactions per day, which will be an essential part of a proposed business support system (BSS) transformation for a top-tier service provider. Amdocs believes that all service providers will need to comfortably achieve such milestones to fully monetize the different business models enabled by 5G moving forward.

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This performance breakthrough builds upon advancements Amdocs has made in cloud-native, service-based architecture design and optimization required for the 5G market. Previously, Amdocs achieved a one trillion events-per-day benchmark in the cloud, and this recent achievement handled much more complex online and offline transactions. These volumes support real-world business requirements that would touch hundreds of millions of customers and devices.

Separately, Amdocs built a proof of concept for a service provider concerned about roundtrip latency impacts due to the distance between their core network running on-premises and the Amdocs Convergent Charging system on an AWS Region more than 930 miles apart. Using the customer’s backbone network and AWS Direct Connect,  deployment proved that the overall solution enabled on AWS would meet the customer’s service level agreement (SLA) requirements while benefiting from the cloud’s improved flexibility, resiliency, and security.

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Through implementations such as these, Amdocs’ charging and policy control products will further accelerate the modernization of the industry’s information technology (IT) into an open and dynamic infrastructure, improving time-to-market for new innovative services.

Anthony Goonetilleke, Group President of Technology and Head of Strategy at Amdocs said: “With 5G expected to drive diverse monetization models across a plethora of connected experiences, this benchmark on AWS showcases the benefits of Amdocs’ charging platform leveraging the scalability and power of public cloud. This is a critical milestone in our relationship with AWS that showcases our ability to process a leading volume of real-time, low-latency transactions on public cloud infrastructure.”

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