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SalesTechStar Interview with Yaron Schechtman, SVP of Global Sales, Namogoo

Yaron Schechtman, SVP of Global Sales, Namogoo highlights a few best practices that can help create clear internal sales processes in this quick chat:


Hi Yaron, welcome to this SalesTechStar chat! Take us through your journey and tell us more about your role at Namogoo?

Before joining Namogoo, I spent nearly two decades in sales and business development roles at companies including Syte, HERE Mobility Division (owned by Audi, Volkswagen & Damier) and Viber. 

As Namogoo’s SVP of global sales, I will be responsible for managing the company’s revenue organization, which includes five teams across Europe and North America. It’s a very exciting time at Namogoo, as we are expanding globally, and I’m eager to accelerate our market penetration in the U.S., Europe, Middle East, Africa and other markets. Working with my colleagues, I’ll be focusing on solidifying strategic partnerships, increasing sales, account management and growth functions across retailers of all sizes — from small- and medium-sized businesses all the way up to enterprise accounts.

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As a seasoned technology sales leader, how do you feel B2B sales will shift through 2022 given the dynamics through the past few years?

COVID is not going anywhere – with the new variants and uptick in cases, we are still very much amidst a global pandemic. Because of this, B2B companies will continue to have to rely heavily on remote selling. While the world is never going to fully return to a pre-COVID environment, we still need some sort of human interaction at key touchpoints (specifically sales) and for certain accounts, especially the larger accounts. 

The traveling salesperson is not dead, but she doesn’t travel quite as much as she used to; that sort of role is becoming more of a hybrid one that includes both remote and in-person strategies, depending on the business and account. 

And on that note, how will this impact the way salestech systems are adopted and deployed?

As the role of the traveling salesperson continues to evolve in 2022, expect to see a surge of more sophisticated sales tools that leverage data, remotely or from the office, to provide full control of the whole sales motion with more data points. There will be a greater emphasis this year on tools that allow for more remote collaboration.

What do you feel is most crucial to establishing a strong sales fundamental for B2B companies today?

The greatest asset to any sales department is its people. It’s critical to have a proper onboarding and training process in place, and — on an ongoing basis — to invest in and engage with your sales team regularly. 

Creating a very clear sales process between different departments within your company is also key to ensuring the success of your salespeople, as well as the company as a whole. Good salespeople, tools, processes and constant training to learn about new product updates and features to sell are essential in establishing strong sales fundamentals.

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What are a few martech-salestech predictions for 2022 that you’d like to highlight?

We are going to see an even greater acceleration of digital transformation in 2022. However, the key difference is that digital transformations this year will be more data-driven and hyper-focused on sophisticated measurements. There will also continue to be a heavy focus on remote work, as the ongoing pandemic is ensuring the remote working environment is here to stay. Companies will be putting more emphasis on investing in and building their remote sales tech stack, and tools like Gong will become even more firmly embedded in every sophisticated sales organization.

Some last thoughts and takeaways before we wrap up?

In sales, it’s important to master the product fully and know it inside and out. Once that prerequisite is complete, if you follow the sales process, are diligent and build trust with customers at every touchpoint along the way, you should be well on your way to success. 

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Namogoo - Crunchbase Company Profile & FundingNamogoo is the world’s first Digital Journey Continuity platform, helping over 1,000 unstoppable brands shape their customer journeys to fit each and every shopper’s needs. Namogoo’s platform autonomously adapts to each customer visit in real time, lifting conversion rates and revenue, while maintaining eCommerce retailers’ margins and bolstering brand equity. Namogoo is available on all major eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, BigCommerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Magneto – serving over a thousand global brands of all sizes. Founded in Herzliya, Israel in 2014, Namogoo also has offices in Boston, New York and London.

Yaron Schechtman is the SVP of Global Sales, Namogoo

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