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Train Smart Retail AIs 50x Faster With Mindtech’s New Synthetic Data Application Pack

** Smart Retail application pack enables developers to rapidly train AIs with synthetic data for next-gen use-cases **

** Current retail customer use cases include enhancing customer safety, spill and object detection, monitoring stock levels, customer in-store engagement and traffic flow**

** Mindtech will be exhibiting at NRF on booth # 1064

Mindtech Global, developer of the world’s leading synthetic data creation platform for training AI vision systems – has released a new application pack for companies developing smart retail systems.

The retail application pack is now available on Mindtech’s Chameleon platform. The platform allows developers to create unlimited amounts of synthetic training data to help computers see, understand and predict human-to-human and human-to-world interactions.

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Chameleon’s new retail application pack has pre-built 3D retail assets such as retail environments and car parks, together with automated behaviors relevant to retail use cases. Using the Chameleon platform, customers developing AI vision systems for retail can quickly build unlimited scenes and scenarios using the application pack’s photo-realistic smart 3D models.

Currently, most AI models are trained on real-world data which is scarce, time consuming to annotate and involves complex challenges around bias and data privacy. Chameleon’s ‘no-code’, ‘self-serve’ platform allows AI developers to create high-quality, precisely annotated and privacy-compliant synthetic training data, more than 50 times faster than sourcing and annotating ‘real-world’ data.

The application pack is currently being used by retail customers to create training data for AI vision systems addressing use-cases including:

  • Identify and understand complex human behavior, such as a lost child or a busy loading bay, to ensure customer and employee safety
  • Track customer engagement with individual products in dynamic new ways
  • Monitor stock levels on shelf and movement of goods from loading bay to instore
  • Spill detection and object recognition for enhanced customer safety and more efficient store management
  • Monitor and predict traffic flow to maximise parking efficiency, reduce vehicle emissions and enhance customer experience

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Chris Longstaff, VP Product Management at Mindtech said, “The retail industry is realizing the potential of AI to create more intuitive, efficient and safer retail experiences for customers and employees. However, realizing that vision will require smarter AI systems, trained on large volumes of high-quality privacy-compliant data. Chameleon’s new Retail application pack allows retailers to solve their data scarcity with unlimited self-serve synthetic data. Synthetic data produces better results than relying on real-world data alone and it’s delivering a next-generation of smart retail systems that better understand the way humans interact with each other and the world around them.”

Mindtech’s Chameleon platform is already in use by global retail customers and is available for immediate licensing.

Mindtech will be exhibiting at the National Retail Federation (NRF 2022) at booth # 1064 from Jan 16 – 18.

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