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RFID: Mapping the Route to Success

Checkpoint explores how retailers and brands learn to thrive in today’s digital world.  This map lays out the route to success for retailers and brands on how they can perform tasks more efficiently, and accurately with the same or even fewer resources than before.

To accomplish this, leveraging RFID technology has risen to the top of technology roadmaps as the need for ultra-high inventory visibility and efficient direct-to-consumer capabilities have accelerated. Reducing inventory, eliminating out of stocks and streamlining omnichannel efficiency are just a few of the tangible financial benefits that can be achieved through proper adaptation of the technology.

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As RFID has continued to improve in recent years and costs have reduced, RFID has gone from a technology that was piloted to prove the technology worked, to something that increases profitability for any retailer or brand who implements it.

No longer is the technology a multi-year project with a long pilot, but something that can be implemented quickly and efficiently, whether you have to tag at source or not.

Checkpoint can set up a short, simple pilot that focuses on validating your specific business case, while simultaneously working with your vendors to begin a source tagging program.  If you are already tagged from national brands, you are at an even greater advantage, as the heavy lifting has been done for you, and you can immediately take advantage of the incredible ROI that RFID has proven to deliver.  The greatest need for the mass adoption of RFID is due to today’s acceleration of omnichannel, whose profitability critically relies on having accurate inventory through the supply chain.

Therefore, with RFID becoming mass adopted, and the need for retailers and brands to implement it quickly and accurately, choosing the right technology partner has never been more critical. There are a wide variety of software providers who can supply cycle counting technologies with very attractive dashboards, but what does that do for you? RFID data is only as good as the actions you take from it, and that is where Checkpoint has a proven history of guiding retailers and brands through a Client Success led model that focuses on your specific business needs and guiding you through every step of the process.

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Checkpoint and Client Success

What exactly is Client Success and why is it important? Research shows the most common reasons retailers do not deploy RFID after a pilot have nothing to do with the technology itself or the software that powers it. Instead, according to 2018 research from Bill McBeath1, it is due to a lack of a well-defined use case, along with missing executive support and competing business priorities. In Checkpoint’s experience, these are the most common pitfalls we see as well, which is why we have invested heavily in the people and resources to help drive a successful project for you. Therefore, Client Success is exactly what the title portrays, it’s a philosophy that puts the success of the client first, with a personalized approach to building a successful RFID program that delivers clear ROI for your company and guides everyone from hourly store associates to your C-Level through the proper steps to execute a rollout.

This helps to mitigate your risk and speeds up your implementation which in return helps quickly deliver financial results for your business.

At its core, an RFID project must have a focused set of KPI’s, that clearly prove a business case tailored for you. For Checkpoint, the first part of any conversation is understanding your business pain points, and how RFID can impact profitability and operations. The great thing about RFID is that it can do so many things, but that can also make projects lose focus on the core aspects that drive a successful outcome. Our philosophy is tried and tested2, we work to predict, prove and deliver a ROI opportunity that is tailored to your business.

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