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SalesTech Vendors Making Waves in APAC

The amalgamation of sales and technology by incorporating tools specifically designed to help the sales team is Sales Technology. This enables the sales team to work faster, boosts their sales, and increases efficiency. It not only saves time but also reduces the cost of acquiring customers. In simple words, sales technology provides the company or an individual with platforms and apps that are aimed to accelerate the performance of the sales representatives.

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Why is Sales Technology Important?

Most of the companies worldwide are increasingly turning towards sales technology because:

1. Boosts Productivity:

Sales Technology streamlines and organizes the work of the sales representatives. It also enables the sales team to coordinate with each other easily. It enables the completion of a multitude of tasks at a time which drastically increases productivity.

2. Effective:

Now that the sales technology has made it possible for several tasks to be performed at once, it saves time. This means that the sales representatives have a lot of time in hand to perform the task “well.” This increases effectiveness.

3. Improves Customer Experience:

Incorporation of sales technology using intent and intelligence helps the sales representative know who the potential customers are and which customer is likely to show interest. This allows the sales team to personalize their pitch leaving behind a good customer experience.

4. Helps Understand the Customer Better:

Sales Technology provides information about a customer before the conversation, which lets the sales team personalize its customer experience. It improves customer engagement. It not only helps the company drive interest but also enables them to provide better solutions. This advantage can yield a higher return on investment in the future and attract loyal customers with a longer customer life.

5. Aggressive Growth:

All in all, sales technology is meant to help you close more deals and scale sales. Salestech boosts customer engagement which increases the number of sales in the future, yielding a higher return on investment. It also allows the sales team to analyze the entire sales lifecycle, allowing them to view their errors to form a better pitch in the future.

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Sales Technology Platforms in the Asia-Pacific Market:

1. Sage CRM:

This platform adopts the customer-first process by combining tools to optimize profitability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. It boosts customer relationships by incorporating software that helps break down data, streamlines it, and further provides personalized information of a customer, all aimed to help the company make better decisions.

Following are its main features:

  1. Provides real-time business information.
  2. Organizes and streamlines sales reports.
  3. Allows the sales representatives to analyze the entire sales cycle.
  4. Personalizes the sales process.
  5. Tracks KPI’s and helps the sales team become more productive and close deals faster.
  6. It also provides a mobile solution and has apps available on android, windows, and apple.

Sage CRM has helped 15,000 businesses in 23 different countries. Asian Entrepreneurs have found the features of this platform very convenient and are increasingly adopting it. Most of its Asia operations are based in Singapore and have partners in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.; this platform has been able to curate services necessary in Asia, such as multi-language support, taxation, etc.

2. Salesforce:

Salesforce is among the top leaders in software as a service technology. It is a cloud-based software that makes it sales process easy and concise for the sales team to access from anywhere at any time. Ease and user-friendly interface is the provider’s fundamentals for success. They also have customized dashboards that provide the sales team with personal customer information, allowing them to close more deals. It helps scale up the process of sales and incorporates customization and efficiency.

3. Hubspot:

This system focuses on small businesses and has a convenient and user-friendly interface. It provides the sales team with personalized data, records, recordings that allow them to view the entire process from a bird’s eye view. This enables them to predict better strategies and, in turn, close more deals. It is extensively huge in the Asia pacific market with its office in Singapore.

4. Insightly:

It is one of the most popular customer relationship management and technology platforms. It is designed to provide tools that help streamline complex processes. It helps track the sales lifecycle, customer data, records with no training required. Flexibility and mobility are the key to this platform’s success and are increasingly being favored in the Asian Market.

There is no doubt that technology has become an integral part of the sales process in present times. Therefore, it is imperative for businesses, new and established, to invest in a suitable SalesTech platform and leverage the benefits to fulfill their organizational objectives.