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Shipwell Expands Its Solutions for Addressing Peak Season Delays and Driver Shortages with Release of Responsive ETAs

  • Premium capacity network offers two million ELD-connected units, including LTL, parcel and final mile

  • Advanced visibility capabilities empower shippers to proactively manage and resolve issues, with a 98% on-time delivery rate

  • Shipwell’s powerful TMS platform can uncover savings on up to 25% of freight spend

Carriers are facing a peak shipping season loaded with more obstacles than ever before. From port congestion to severe weather to a truck driver shortage, shippers face an endless string of challenges during their busiest time of year. Unprecedented demand has combined with reduced capacity to drive shipping costs to an all-time high.

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“Customer expectations are at a level that we’ve never seen before, and shippers are going all-out to try to meet those expectations while managing overwhelming constraints”

Shipwell, an industry leader in cloud-based shipping and logistics, provides a solution that helps shippers break from peak season chaos, source much-needed capacity and deliver their goods on time, every time.

The biggest dilemma carriers face during peak season is finding capacity while avoiding surging prices. Three main factors drive this problem:

  • An ongoing driver shortage: The number of truck drivers on the road is down nearly 8% since the beginning of 2020, according to the American Trucker Association. In fact, in a letter to Congress earlier this year, supply chain leaders said the trucking industry needs an additional 60,800 truck drivers immediately.
  • Higher consumer spending: Even with a recent slowing, consumer spending is well above pre-pandemic levels. People are spending less on “experiences” like restaurants and travel and more on products, meaning there are more loads to be shipped than trucks available to ship them.
  • Increase in Just-In-Time Demand: Market changes have seen more shippers requesting carriers only hours in advance, resulting in drivers positioning themselves on standby close to drop-off locations while demanding higher prices, and placing fewer drivers on the road for other shipments.

“Customer expectations are at a level that we’ve never seen before, and shippers are going all-out to try to meet those expectations while managing overwhelming constraints,” said Shipwell CEO and co-founder Greg Price. “Shipwell can help them meet those expectations by overcoming capacity constraints and giving them a level of visibility into their shipments so they can stay ahead of any issues that arise.”

Premium Capacity, Advanced Visibility Result In Savings on Up to 25% of Freight Spend

To address the problems that carriers face, Shipwell’s platform focuses on innovative solutions for capacity and visibility, starting with a diversified carrier network.

  • Shipwell offers two million ELD-connected units in its carrier network, including access to capacity across modes like drayage, LTL, parcel and final mile. Shipwell has the tools companies need to ensure that inventory is high and they’re prepared as consumers begin shopping for the holiday season.
  • The Compass Dashboard continuously monitors all shipments throughout the shipment lifecycle from a central location. By proactively identifying issues and providing guided actions to address them instantly, shippers can see a 98% on-time delivery and pickup rate.
  • Shipwell’s powerful TMS platform can uncover savings on up to 25% of an organization’s current freight spend by identifying gaps and inefficiencies.
  • The proprietary Pricing Intelligence tool provides shippers with personalized rate forecasts for up to 14 days in the future based on internal data and current market trends. Shippers can also use this tool to benchmark their historical shipping spend against the market average.

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The newest addition to Shipwell’s advanced visibility capabilities is Responsive ETAs, which provide shippers with at-a-glance status updates for estimated arrival times for shipments en route. Logistics managers can now see which shipments are on time, which are running late and which are at risk of missing their scheduled delivery time, all directly on the Shipwell platform.

Along with providing at-a-glance statuses in multiple locations on the Shipwell platform, what sets Responsive ETAs apart is the amount of data that goes into calculating them. In addition to point-in-time location, Responsive ETAs actively monitor variables like traffic and weather conditions to factor in potential upcoming issues that would cause shipments to miss their scheduled delivery time.

Shipwell’s fully connected solutions make it possible to automate the entire shipping process in one place and ultimately lower costs with powerful insights and analytics, all without having to rip and replace.

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