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Tymeshift Showcases Automatic Scheduling & Customizable Dashboards

Bringing effortless workforce management solutions to support teams.

Tymeshift, a workforce management (WFM) solution made exclusively for Zendesk, recently unveiled two in-demand features, Automatic Scheduling and new Customizable Dashboards.

“Workforce management can be stressful and overly complicated. We want managers to come to us and immediately feel clarity.”

Tymeshift put Automatic Scheduling on their roadmap to amplify their seamless WFM management workflow. The feature automatically builds schedules based on forecasted data and the WFM manager’s parameters. No scheduling experience is required, and no spreadsheets are needed. Instead, a task that generally takes hours to complete is taken care of in minutes without common errors such as double scheduling that often plague human-generated schedules.

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The new feature comes on the heels of Tymeshift’s 2020 Forecast feature launch. Since its rollout, the popular Forecast tool has helped teams predict future contact volumes based on historical data in Zendesk. Now, Automatic Scheduling will take those predicted volumes and build a clear staffing plan including breaks, channel coverage, and more. Schedules generated by Automatic Scheduling are simple to tweak and take the guesswork out of building schedules for teams of all sizes and levels of complexity.

“It’s all about simplification. We want WFM managers to focus on the human aspects of their jobs, so we’re building tools to take care of the rest. Automatic Scheduling will make an incredibly frustrating part of workforce management a breeze,” shared David Birchmier, Tymeshift’s CEO.

While Automatic Scheduling was always in Tymeshift’s plans, their Customizable Dashboard feature actually originated from customer feedback and an active community of users. With the Customizable Dashboards, a WFM manager can see a comprehensive view of their team’s work in real time. Multiple team-specific dashboards can also be created to track KPIs and show the difference between forecasted contact volumes and actuals, making it simple to adjust channel staffing on the go.

“Workforce management can be stressful and overly complicated. We want managers to come to us and immediately feel clarity. These customizable dashboards allow them to understand their data on a deeper level and make more informed decisions at a moment’s notice,” commented Elisa Reggiardo, Tymeshift’s Chief Brand Officer.

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These developments will create an even more comprehensive WFM experience for managers and agents. To learn more about how your organization can leverage Tymeshift’s leading WFM solutions, you can schedule a demonstration with a member of their team.

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