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Sergio Frias, a Customer Experience Executive, Who Creates Exceptional Awareness on How Best to Serve Your Customers, has Teamed up with SAASTEPS.

SAASTEPS, who recently acquired Kinetic Growth to expand its Lead-to-Revenue offerings to Salesforce Customers, also celebrated some of its terrific customers. Within the past few months, SAASTEPS has also started building its Strategic Advisory Board, introducing Brent Slosky and Brenda Paauwe-Navori, and are again disclosing another team member. They are proud to have another Brazilian join their team who lives in Canada, Mr. Sergio Frias, the third of five Advisory Board Members who have agreed to join SAASTEPS.

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Sergio will serve as SAASTEPS Customer Success Advisor and continuously help and coach the SAASTEPS team to provide our highest degree of professionalism and customer-first methodology. Sergio will add in his valuable inputs when collaborating with other Advisors on ways to ensure SAASTEPS advancement to continue supporting customers to solve complex processes with an unseen level of satisfaction.

Sergio’s background comes from Engineering, applied over the last 20 years to the Aerospace industry. Sergio was a top executive in companies like Embraer, Bombardier, and De Havilland, where he held positions in many fronts of the businesses, such as Operations, Supply Chain, Customer Services, Sales, and Contracts. During his entire tenure in the industry, Sergio was always on Customer facing positions, continuously learning what Customer Experience means and how important it is for the sustainable growth of businesses. With the accumulated knowledge and a passion for guiding Customers to find business success and personal happiness, Sergio decided to start CX Hub, a boutique consulting firm, specializing in people and organizational development programs towards Customer Experience (CX) transformation, through his proprietary methodology, the NICE Program. Sergio also serves as President & CEO of the Federation of Canadian-Brazilian Business (FCBB), an organization that fosters the trade between Brazil and Canada to help startup companies to do business across the border. Sergio is also the CXO (Chief Experience Officer) at the Chartered Institute of Marketing Management of Ontario (CIMMO), where he helps Marketers to understand the importance of CX and its role in promoting it with ethics. Finally, Sergio serves as the CX Expert in organizations in Brazil and Canada, spreading the word of CX as a tool to keep your customers coming back for more of whatever you do.

“Before I partnered with SAASTEPS, I had the pleasure of meeting their leadership and be exposed to the way they saw their contribution to their Customer’s sustainable growth. The energy and enthusiasm shown by the team caught my attention. A few days later, I was exposed to their products and services, and then I understood why they were so excited. It looks like they read my mind, as I wanted to become part of that excitement when Tim invited me to join the team as an advisor. I was flattered and excited with the invitation, and since then, it has been great to see how SAASTEPS truly embraces the Customer Experience ideals and aligns those with the company purpose,” said Sergio Frias, who is the Founder & CEO of CX Hub and CXO at CIMMO.

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“I am honored to have worked at Embraer Executive Jets with such an amazing Executive, and almost a decade over, Sergio Frias is now helping us to reshape our whole customer process experience and bring the Business Jets customer experience to the SAAS industry. I could not ask for a more exciting opportunity for all of our customers and the SAASTEPS community,” said Ronaldo Costa, who is the SVP of Operations & Services of SAASTEPS

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