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Sensormatic Solutions by Johnson Controls Collaborates with Zliide to Reimagine Self-checkout

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  • Sensormatic Solutions and Zliide together enable merchandise protection, while shoppers enjoy the convenience of self-checkout for a seamless in-store and digital shopping experience

Sensormatic Solutions, the leading global retail solutions portfolio of Johnson Controls, today announced its collaboration with Zliide, a technology company that seeks to bring physical stores into the next era through convenience and digitalization. The two brands are working in tandem to deliver a new approach to self-checkout that eliminates register queues and streamlines shopper experiences.

“Self-checkout options continue to grow in popularity but can present two key challenges: for the retailer, they can be drivers of shrink, and, for the shopper, they can be challenging to use,” said Craig Szklany, vice president and product general manager of Loss Prevention and Liability at Sensormatic Solutions. “However, now with Zliide’s mobile capabilities combined with our best-in-class technology and extensive loss prevention experience retailers can create a truly frictionless and secure checkout.”

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The collaboration can help streamline in-store shopping by facilitating:

  1. Secure instant checkouts: provides shoppers the ability to use their mobile device to pay for merchandise right at the rack.
  2. Endless aisles: allows shoppers to scan barcodes with their phones and order out-of-stock items in just a few clicks, thus eliminating the need to find an associate for help.
  3. No-contact checkouts, even for tagged items: offers the ability for customers to remove security tags on their own, eliminating the need for associates at the register while still protecting high-value items with a self-detaching one-piece tag that opens after purchase is complete.
  4. Seamless user experiences: allows the customer to instantly launch the Zliide platform without needing to download a mobile app.
  5. Personalized recommendations: interface uses customers’ habits and purchase history to recommend other items they might like.
  6. Item insights: interface allows shoppers to learn more about the products they’re buying, from reviews to sustainability reports and more.

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“The retail industry continues to evolve and transform through digitalization, thus driving shifting consumer sentiments on how they want to shop. At Zliide, we are committed to ensuring self-checkouts adapt and flex along with it,” said Nikolai Lindholm, co-founder and chief commercial officer at Zliide. “Many technologies behind retail’s transformation are led, in large part, by the innovations at Sensormatic Solutions and their belief that data and technology have the power to redefine the industry. Zliide shares that belief, and we’re thrilled to collaborate with Sensormatic Solutions as we seek the next step for self-checkout.”

As the relationship progresses, data from the Zliide system will be integrated into the Sensormatic IQ ecosystem to offer even more value to its users. Sensormatic IQ is an operating platform with an open, secure, and agile design which integrates Sensormatic Solutions, retailer, and third-party data to give unparalleled insights to help retailers tackle the industry’s most pressing obstacles.

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