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Next Leadership Development Corporation Partners with Bright Pattern to Create Community Communications Center Supporting Black Boston Residents

Next Leadership Development Corporation launches revolutionary Community Communications Center, serving as an omnichannel information center to mitigate systemic racism and connect Black Boston residents with resources

Bright Pattern, a leading provider of omnichannel cloud contact center software, has been deployed by Next Leadership Development Corporation (NextLeads) to go beyond making outbound calls to community members. NextLeads launched a Community Communications Center that allows Black Boston residents to contact the non-profit directly in a way that is best for them, whether that be a phone call, text, email, or webchat.

With Bright Pattern’s omnichannel platform, NextLeads will expand their existing Resilience Checks program to accept incoming omnichannel inquiries, rather than only making outbound calls. Since January of 2021, the organization has made nearly 7,000 calls, delivered over 200 shipments of a one-month supply worth of food for residents across the city, and have distributed over 300 gift cards, totaling over $20,000.

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Boston residents can contact the Community Communications Center Monday – Friday from 8 am – 7 pm and Saturday from 12 pm – 5 pm by calling or texting 617-675-0005, email or using the webchat feature at

Next Leadership Development Corporation is a non-profit organization dedicated to building a community and network of Black people in Boston who are stepping into their social, cultural, financial, and political power to make changes in their communities. The company offers resilience and disaster preparedness training and resources, as well as support for people to overcome obstacles, such as acquiring workplace attire, obtaining bus passes, networking, assisting in collaboration and research, and providing development opportunities.

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In a recent interview with Dr. Atyia Martin, the Executive Director and co-founder for NextLeads, she stated that “We’ve seen with COVID-19, Black communities were being disproportionately impacted. Next Leadership Development Corporation has helped connect community members to everything from masks and hand sanitizer, to COVID-19 vaccinations, booster shots, and testing, in order to meet those increases in basic needs.”

When Dr. Martin realized how beneficial it would be to have a centralized space where Black people could call and get support, she started researching omnichannel contact center software. “We tested out a lot of products, and only Bright Pattern could meet all the requirements that we had,” said Dr. Martin. “Partnering with Bright Pattern was absolutely the right decision for our team, and we would definitely recommend Bright Pattern for any organization looking for an omnichannel communications platform. Bright Pattern has allowed us to centralize all of our work into a unified platform, so now our representatives can access everything they need in one place. This is the first time we’ve been able to have a streamlined, seamless process for our representatives and for community members.”

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