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IAB Tech Lab & Neutronian Partner to Accelerate Data Transparency and Quality Standards for the Digital Supply Chain

Data providers can now simultaneously complete IAB Tech Lab’s Data Transparency Compliance Program and Neutronian’s data quality certification to streamline adoption of IAB Tech Lab’s “Seller Defined Audiences” addressability specification

IAB Tech Lab and Neutronian announced today that IAB Tech Lab’s Data Transparency Standard (DTS) Certification and Neutronian’s Quality Index (NQI) Certification can now be completed by data providers within a single integrated process. Additionally, the organizations announced that Neutronian’s NQI data quality methodology will now directly incorporate IAB Tech Lab’s DTS criteria.

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The DTS program – often described as the “data label” – establishes a standardized way to describe and label audience data, enabling buyers to better understand the origin, age, and modelling of the data that they are buying; while Neutronian’s NQI Certification helps buyers understand the quality and privacy compliance of data. Combining labeling standards and quality scoring into a streamlined program establishes a more cost effective path for organizations to demonstrate responsible and effective data collection, processing, and activation for their clients. Together, these transparency signals and quality scores will build the foundation for the adoption of IAB Tech Lab’s “Seller Defined Audiences” addressability proposal that was released this past March as part of the Project Rearc initiative. Data providers may still complete each respective certification independently of one another.

“Our industry needs a reliable way to demonstrate responsible and ethical data collection practices,” said Anthony Katsur, CEO, IAB Tech Lab. “This non-exclusive partnership with Neutronian allows IAB Tech Lab to leverage synergies within these complementary programs, reduce operational lift for everyone involved, and accelerate adoption of IAB Tech Lab’s addressability specifications.”

“Data quality in our industry has never been more important, and we’re proud to partner with IAB Tech Lab to support the Seller Defined Audiences specification and make the process of DTS certification as seamless as possible for data providers,” said Timur Yarnall, CEO and co-founder, Neutronian. “Marketers deserve full transparency into the composition of data segments, and IAB Tech Lab’s specification will be a key driver of transparency for the ecosystem.”

Neutronian’s quality certification and ratings process accounts for a number of signals such as consent mechanisms, privacy and compliance disclosures, methodology and processing, and performance data. It also evaluates “future-proofing” functions, like verifying that the data provider does not rely on soon-to-be deprecated data currencies, like cookies, to build their audience segments as well as confirming that the data is not collected inappropriately.

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