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Highstreet Metaverse Partners With Fashion-Focused BNV for Chic Digital Retail Experience

The partnership will introduce a social hub for fashion culture and exclusive access to BNV’s pieces fresh off the digital runway.

Highstreet, a metaverse platform that provides unique shopping experiences, has partnered with BNV, a platform that creates 3D products and wearable NFTs for virtual environments, to offer exclusive merchandise and an immersive fashion retail experience in Highstreet World.

  • BNV specializes in fashion NFT development and has launched iconic commemorative couture with real-world utility.
  • BNV Fashion in Highstreet World will make exclusive designer-brand digital wearables available to the Highstreet community.
  • Highstreet and BNV are collaborating to give away custom-made elite membership NFTs for the Highstreet community to access BNV World, BNV’s fashion metaverse ecosystem.

BNV has previously partnered with notable brands and designers, including Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors, for commemorative NFT launches that have real-world utility such as personalized shopping experiences and backstage meet-and-greets at fashion shows. As part of the partnership with Highstreet, BNV will set up a unique storefront within Highstreet World that is geared towards trendsetters, including designers, brands, and Highstreet users alike.

The BNV Fashion in the Highstreet World Metaverse will offer a variety of exclusive and tokenized designer-brand wearables from BNV’s past, present, and future partnerships. For example, users will be able to purchase digital wearables from recent BNV drops, including those with artists and designers like Mishka NYC and Jamie Reid.

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The space will also serve as a social hub for couture, culture, style, and entertainment, where people with a passion for fashion can interact with other like-minded metaverse users. Additionally, the experience will be fully interoperable with Ready Player Me avatars, allowing users to seamlessly explore Highstreet World in style.

In addition to the BNV Fashion in the Highstreet World Metaverse, Highstreet and BNV are thrilled to join forces to create a custom-made G2 wearable headset NFT for the Highstreet community. These NFTs will be the newest extension of the Family of Gs series, BNV’s elite line of NFT membership tokens that grant holders access to its interoperable fashion metaverse ecosystem, BNV World. The fashion-focused metaverse is designed to exhibit elaborate and sophisticated digital fashion pieces to users around the world and will feature a platform-exclusive marketplace for BNV products.

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Users who hold a G2 NFT will be able to experience everything BNV has to offer, including entertainment, fashion, gaming, wearables, and events, in both the real world and Highstreet World.

As a special offer, BNV will be giving away 500 G2 NFTs to the Highstreet community for free. The transaction will incur a minimal gas fee. The first 100 NFTs will be given away as part of an airdrop to Highstreet community members. The remaining 400 NFTs will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis through a pre-mint process.

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