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Goodway Group Creates COVID-19 Dashboard with Localized Programmatic Data and Trends

Patterns show impact from infection rate timing, intrinsic state attributes and overall national trends

Goodway Group, the digital partner advertisers trust to deliver campaign performance and media efficiency, has launched a dashboard to explore COVID-19’s continued impact on the programmatic ecosystem. With marketers rethinking their 2020 plans and forecasts, the dashboard helps give insight into how they should begin pivoting their strategies.

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To identify emerging trends and insights, Goodway Group is evaluating data across multiple dimensions, including event-level data from buying platforms and strategic supply-side platform partners. Marketers can use these metrics as a resource to understand the significant impact on the core dynamics of the programmatic marketplace at a national and state level, and better inform their strategies as a result.

As marketers plan for the future, it’s important to analyze regional trends and understand the impact that states are seeing. Current data shows that Pennsylvania and New Jersey have seen a less direct impact on CPMs, in contrast to Washington and California. Some states, including Michigan and Connecticut, have seen later drops in their programmatic auction competition. This resource outlines the importance of zeroing in on the right markets, which is seen in the vast differences state-to-state.

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“As consumer behavior shifts and many brands adjust their media strategies in response to the pandemic, marketers need to rethink their strategies based on what’s happening in the United States, down to a regional level,” said Benjamin Diesbach, lead data insights analyst at Goodway Group. “This might not have been considered in the past and is important to factor in future programmatic planning. This is a fluid and dynamic environment, and with CPMs currently going down and inventory going up, they have to look at these trends through a localized lens and evaluate the most up to date information in order to move forward.”

The dashboard features interactive graphs, updated daily, to showcase buy-side prices and competition trends. By analyzing infection rate timing, measured with intrinsic state attributes and overall national trends, Goodway Group is able to further uncover distinct patterns in CPMs. The dashboard also breaks down exchange CPM trends and channel CPMs, highlighting variation across Connected TV (CTV), display and video.

Goodway Group has also released a COVID-19 focused newsletter to share best practices, trends and news.

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